You Never Know Who Is Watching You Lesson I learned Raising A Child With Special Needs

You Never Know who is watching You - Lessons I learned Raising a child with special needs -
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When Nate was younger, taking him to church was fun. In the very beginning, he was able to sit, fairly calm, in the pew, allowing his toy to entertain him. Or at other times, he would lay his head on my lap, and doze off for a little nap.  However, when Nate grew older his tolerance level for sitting seemed to have diminished. Once we arrived at church and made our way to our seat, he would become agitated, pulling at my arm for us to leave. I knew then that the two hour service was no longer enjoyable for him.

During this time, I tried my best to push through his unwillingness to go to church. To help him last for the entire duration of the service, I would give him little breaks.  We would step out of the sanctuary or take a little stroll around the fellowship area for him to stretch his legs. Afterward, we would return to our seat, where I would give Nate a sweet candy treat, to help him stay seated and quiet during the services. However, after a while none of my tactics to get him to sit quietly worked, and I was extremely annoyed.

For weeks and months, I tried to subdue my child, so that I could listen to the sermon, yet their was no change in his attitude.  I was frustrated and I knew that if anyone was looking at me, they would be able to tell.

One day as we were about to walk out of the sanctuary, a woman walked over to me.  I knew her face, but we had never had a conversation.  We would smile and say hello to each other, that was all. Yet, on this day, she walked over to me and handed me a gift bag. I was surprised as she told me to open it later. Once in my car, I peered into the bag and inside was a card and a small bouquet of flowers. The words she wrote, were warm, kind, and soothing. She shared how she had noticed me caring for my son.  She could see that it was extremely difficult for me, however she encouraged me to continue, as she complimented me on being a wonderful mother.  I placed the card down, as I let tears flow from my eyes.

Wow! I thought, “You Never Know Who Is Watching You….. Care For Your Child.”


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