You Can Only Control “YOU”

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Being an elementary school is interesting. I always find myself “preaching” to my students. I know my little sermons aggravate them, but I don’t care, each and ever one is good for them.

One bit of advice I give to them when they become angry and cry about something that someone did to them is,

“You can’t control someone else, YOU can only control, YOU.”

This is very true, because I find myself in multiple situations, raising my son with special needs, a teacher of 29 students, a citizen of a country that is up in arms about the government, and more. Yet, I realize that these factors, are not meant for me or anyone to control.

We wish we can have power over some people or issues, but we don’t. As much as I want, I can’t control my son’s tantrums. I wish that I could control the behaviors and attitudes of my 29 students. And I wish I could control the climate of the country.

However, what I do have control over is my thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitude, and how I choose to react. If I’m going to internalize every issue or take everything that is said or done to me personally, it will drive me crazy, and depress me.

I will NOT allow that to happen. So, I choose to take my own advice, that I give to my students.

I will NOT let the behaviors or actions of others make me feel bad or dictate my mood or attitude. Not at all! I will be in control of the only person I have control over, and that is “ME.”


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