My Writing Stoppage When the Flu Takes Over You

Writing Stoppage - When the Flu Takes Over You - - -
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Last week I had a feeling within my body that something was infiltrating me. In a matter of minutes, this something had quickly attacked me, draining me of my energy, and leaving me powerless.

By evening, I had taken medications to stop the aches and chills, and I went to bed. The next day, I managed to wake up, but I couldn’t write.  I laid contemplating, going to work and somehow my body allowed me. However, I returned home early, going right to bed. As I laid, I could feel a strong pressure radiate throughout my head. My mind seemed to be in a frenzy and my thoughts disorganized, making it impossible for me to do what I wanted to do the most, write.

Write! Oh, how I love to write. Yet, here I was laying in the bed, with my laptop on my lap, annoyed that the progress I had made in the last few weeks, was dampened by this sickness.

Then as I watched the news, seeing reports of flu-related deaths, I began to thank God that my case wasn’t tragic. That I am still here. And instead of complaining that the flu has taken over me, and I can’t write, that I am thankful for life.

And I pray for all the others who are too in the same situation….suffering from this terrible flu. - -






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