How Does Writing Become Easy?

How does writing become easy? Special Needs, CHARGE SYNDROME
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Writing for some people is drudgery. It is tedious and dull work that some people loathe. The very mention of sitting down with a pen and paper or in front of a computer screen to formulate words from the mind, can bring terror to a person’s soul.

Yet, for other people, writing is the opposite. It is a beautiful expression of art that transpires naturally.

Since I was a child, I loved to write. I found it fun to create stories in my mind and place them on paper. In school, writing was one of my favorite subjects. When other students would balk and complain when it was time to pull out their notebooks for writing, I would happily retrieve mine, excited to produce another creative story.

And as I moved out of childhood and entered adulthood, the time and effort that I gave to writing continued for a while. However, when the demands of family and work took precedence over my life, my time to write took a back seat. There were little moments to write and focus.

However, when I did make time to write, it was after a long break of writing. Suddenly writing was difficult; it was a bear. It took forever for my mind to bring words to the paper. I struggled to formulate words, as I looked for my writer’s voice, that I could not locate, because it had been buried in the busyness of my life.

Then as I slowly began to write, making it an essential part of my day, I could see the difference. My writing flowed beautifully. My mind seemed to bring forth words, that I didn’t know existed within me. My pace and speed was smooth, my writing mechanics were strong, but most importantly my writers voice sang like a beautiful operatic singer, at Carnegie Hall.

That was it!

Writing became easy when I made a decision to make it a priority. When I removed all of my distractions and wrote. That was when words could carefully and gently dance out of my mind creating a beautiful piece of art for me to share with the world.

How does writing become easy? By simply…writing.


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