Working Together For the Common Good Of The Child

Working Together For the Common Good Of The Child - - -
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I’ve seen it, the estrangement of two people. Those who once professed their love for one another. Two people that came together, united as one and allowed their love to build a relationship and create children. Then for their own reasons, their love no longer exists and is replaced by feelings of hurt, pain, anger, and even hate.

And sadly, the children…..

The children become intertwined in the new reality of their parents. A broken relationship, where feelings are not hidden. Anger fills the air like oxygen. They breathe every hurtful word and every malicious action.  These words and actions penetrate the heart and minds of the young child, as they are left with the need to make a choice.

Mom or Dad? Decisions not for the immature mind. Choices they should not be required to make.

Sadly, I have seen this. I have felt this. Between my own parents. They didn’t know the importance of shielding their children from their hurtful feelings, their negative language, and their hate bashing of one another. Placing three young ones in a precarious situation, where they needed to decide between Mom or Dad. Or Dad or Mom.

It wasn’t fair.

And although my issues have been mended after years, the residue still remains. The negativity, the name-calling, the anger, the resentment, the hurt, and the pain.  Thirty-five years later, it is still embedded in me.

So, I plead with parents to work together for the common good.  The good of their children. - -






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    The Millennial Stay-At-Home Mom

    Love this post Charlene! I come from a broken home and after all these years I’m still working to resolve my personal feelings about how everything transpired. It’s so important that as parents, we take the time to consider how our actions will effect our children.

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