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    I could understand what you were feeling, when you had that, ‘not feeling like anything’ day.

    I have these too, of course, especially when I am feeling low, physically. Now that I have recognised these days, I don’t take them so seriously. Instead I talk to friends and to positive people to ride over that difficult time.

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    I can so relate to this feeling especially when you write and no one seems to be giving feedback that says that you are helping them in any way. It’s usually really discouraging; I usually remind myself why I write in the first place.

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    I think its okay to take a break from writing especially if you’re sick. Even in the Bible Old Testament God had one of the prophets rest and provided him a place to sleep and food to eat. Life is not a competition. Pretty much I write every day but I don’t expect others to do the same. I usually keep a journal at home and a small notebook pocket size at work. Sometimes due to the pressures and stress from my job my brain is fried. I take a break. I sleep. The older I get the more sleep I need. LOL!! However Yes Writing is Super Important to me. Even when I was hospitalized for two weeks back in March 2015 I had to ask the nurses for one of the school lined page notebooks to keep my sanity. Being a patient was a terrible experience and writing was my salvation. I was hospitalized for anxiety and nervous exhaustion so I must know my limits. Anything I can’t handle. Walk away.

    I’m using a cheap clunky junky notebook computer so I will be reviving my writing blog soon. I revamped the look of the blog with a new Theme. I enjoy writing. Always have even before the advent of Blogs, the Internet or even computers. I’m old fashioned and prefer pen and paper. The pressure of maintaining a writing blog got to me last year with all the other problems I had so I let it go. No biggie. I know that I cannot process or handle stress so I drop things that are overwhelming until I feel that I can go back to them. Blogging should be fun and bring enjoyment not add to the anxiety that I already have. I no longer push myself. By November around Thanksgiving I felt ready to resume. Debut when I’m comfortable.

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