What is Love? What Love is Not!

What is Love? What Love is Not!
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People throw those words around all the time.  You hear it….

I love you….
I love you…
I love you…

Yet, I’m not sure if some people truly know what love means.

Well, TRUE LOVE, can only be defined in God…

God is Love.
God created us in Love.
God gave his only begotten son to die on the cross for our sins, which is the greatest act of love.
God’s Love wants us.
God’s Love chases after us.
God’s Love helps us.
God’s Love changes us,
God’s Love makes us into the person that we were created to be.
God’s love is unconditional.

God’s LOVE is TRUE.

So when I looked and truly understood this meaning of love, my eyes and heart were open. I was able to see that the words, “I love you,” that came from the mouth of this man, whom I was with, was NOT true.

He didn’t love me.  Anyone could see it, by his very actions.

Love is an action. God’s LOVE IN ACTION.

And our actions show LOVE….. Unlike this man.

Love doesn’t pretend.
Love doesn’t lie.
Love doesn’t misrepresent itself.
Love doesn’t hurt.
Love isn’t selfish.
Love doesn’t want its own way.
Love isn’t haughty and arrogant.
Love says I’m sorry, and means it.
Love ask for forgiveness.
Love repents.
Love isn’t prideful.
Love isn’t cowardly.
Love doesn’t walk away, and walk away, and walk away…
Love doesn’t comeback and hurt again….

So, I realized that what was coming from the mouth of that person, was not love.

It was a lie. (Period)

So, I moved on!

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    Yes. Action speaks louder than words. Sad to say but for most men the words I Love you are a way for them to enact their lust upon vulnerable women.

    As one of my girlfriends Memes said, Guys want decoration. Not inspiration.

    My Singleness is a gift from God. My eyes were opened and I finally dropped out of the dating game,and it is a game in 2014. Left that fool and have not looked back. Sometimes it is better to be alone and safe than hooked up with immature selfish men who define you as an object and their personal servant.

    • 4

      Damaging is the right word. I’m sincerely believe God is showing me the true meaning of love through him and how to identify it by actions, not just lips.

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