What Government Healthcare Means For Raising A Child With Special Needs!

What Government Healthcare Means For Me in Raising My Child With Special Needs! - Faithtoraisenate.com - Charlenebullard.com - purposedrivencharlene.com
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Recently, I posted an article titled, Fight for the Right to Have Government Healthcare For Our Children with Special Needs. As I was writing that post, I began to think of what government healthcare means and how it has helped me in raising my son, Nate.

Below are the reasons why government healthcare has been important in  raising my child with special needs.

1- Nate stayed in the neonatal intensive care for a few weeks after he was born.
2- Nate had many assessments, following his birth.
3- Nate had four ear tube surgeries.
4- Nate was a patient at the following departments at our medical facility: Cardiology, Genetics, Otolaryngology, Neurology, Nephrology, Audiology, and Orthopedics.
4- Nate received Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Hearing Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Vision Therapy.
5- Nate needed hearing aids and a wheelchair.
6- Nate needed diapers/pull-ups after 3 years of age.
7- Nate required psychological and psychiatric evaluations for his behavior.
8- Nate required mental health services. He needed a Behavior Specialist and Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS).
9- Nate required dental surgery that my insurance would not cover.
10- Nate required many radiological services, such as x-rays and ultrasounds.
11- Nate required medications that my primary insurance would not pay.
12- Nate required equipment, such as a Stander to help him stand for long periods of time.  He also needed Orthotic braces for walking, and a therapeutic chair to help him sit correctly.

When I review this list, I know I am missing something. It’s been a long 22 years. However, I am grateful that Nate has government insurance to cover cost. Without this coverage we would not be able to afford this care for our child. We would have been in debt into the millions of dollars, unable to pay, if insurance was not available.

This is why I believe medical care should be available to all, without limitations. It is a “right” of every human being to have medical insurance. Not a privilege! You can’t put a privilege on a human life.

With this, I charge every parent to contact their Congressperson and demand that they NOT vote on a bill that will take the rights away of citizens to have medical coverage. Instead, demand that they work to create a plan that will give affordable healthcare to all.

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    Yes!! Universal Healthcare for All Americans!! Extend Medicaid and Medicare to everyone!! I’m Thankful for Government programs and services that enable my brother Stephen to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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      Yes, Universal Healthcare for all. Give us the same healthcare that the president and congresspeople have. Yes, I am Glad Stephen and Nate have government programs to enable them to both live health and fulfilling life. I pray that the funding is never cut, putting money in programs that do nothing for the citizen of this country.

  2. 3

    It is obscene that our country comes in so far down the list of industrialized nations in health care. Thanks for pointing out how no one person can shoulder the costs for special needs kids. Or nursing home care, either, which is where 40% of Medicaid goes.

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      Yes obscene is the word. What hurts me is that we are one of the richest countries and our selfish! The rich want to keep it all to themselves and hand out crumbs to the poor. I see things from my son’s standpoint and now from my mother who has medicare B. Learning what it covers and does not is astounding. It is making me really work hard so when I retire, I can provide for myself and my son.

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    Ray Calabrese

    Excellent health care is a human right. Your work in advocating for health for children with special needs is important. You are voice for the voiceless. Keep shouting from the rooftops. God bless your efforts. Ray

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    Hi from the UK, I didn’t know they were trying to change this, I will pray they don’t change it. Makes me feel so lucky to be here in the UK and have the amazing NHS. Keep fighting the good fight.

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