Vision Board – Why You Should Create Your Own?

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I first learned about vision boards in college. In my creative writing elective, the professor encouraged us to create a vision board of the things we wanted to accomplish in life. I didn’t find any significance in the project,  so I didn’t take it seriously. However, I went forward to complete the assignment by retrieving magazines and cutting out pictures. I then attached them to a small legal-sized paper. It was not meaningful to me, simply a collage that sat on my desk, which eventually went in the trash.

Years later, I came across a social media post about vision boards.   Unbeknownst to me, they had grown in popularity with people having small parties or grand events where they completed them together.  I was immediately reminded of the insignificant one I completed in college and now this piqued my interest.  So, I began researching the idea of creating a vision board and why it would be great for me.

After gaining information, I immediately went to work writing down a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish in the upcoming year.  I then gathered my materials and went to work cutting pictures from magazines, as well as lettering to show my goals and desires. I then glued them to a board that I purchased from a craft store. Afterward, I hung them proudly on my bedroom wall. My New Years Vision Board was complete!

Now, I didn’t create this board as a hokey, magical, or supernatural thing.  I don’t believe in a “prosperity” or “name it and claim it” gospel. Or do I accept a “see it and believe it and it will come true” theory.  Not at all!  Instead, a vision board is simply a beautiful presentation of the goals that I want to reach in life. It is a lovely reminder of what I am aiming for during the coming year. Also, displaying it on my wall allows me to see it daily, keeping me focused on the work that I need to do to reach those goals. I strongly believe that when goals are NOT in sight, then they are out of the mind. Yes, as the saying goes, “Out of sight and out of mind.”

So, I suggest that you consider creating  a vision board of your own. Make a list of your goals, then cut out pictures that represent them, and then  attached them to a board. Afterward, display them in a place where you will see them daily. Then go forward, working relentlessly to reach those goals, making your vision come true. - -








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    I really appreciated that you don’t think this will make the things happen supernaturally. I think that is the only way I have ever heard vision boards discussed. The process you describe sounds helpful, not weird.

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