When You Think The World Is Filled With Only Heartless People, God Surprises You

When You Think The World Is Filled With Only Heartless People, God Surprises You
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Last month I watched my local news, as they reported on the stolen wheelchair of a boy with cerebral palsy.  I watched in anger, as there is something within me that becomes furious when I hear of anything happening to a child with special needs. I was filled with tears, as I inwardly and outwardly, asked myself….

“Who would do such a thing?” “Who would steal the wheelchair of a boy who can’t walk?” I screamed aloud, that a person who could commit such an act, was heartless and despicable.

I then found myself praying for the return of the wheelchair. Then a few days later, the news updated the report, sharing how the wheelchair had not been return, but something else happened. An anonymous woman who saw the report, contacted the owner of a store who specializes in making customized wheelchairs. The woman asked him to make one for the boy and she would cover the cost.

Suddenly, tears poured down my eyes at the kindness of this stranger.

I continued watching as the mother of the boy, shared how she was no longer angry about the stolen wheelchair, but in awe of the generosity of a complete stranger.

This was when my heart warmed.  I thanked God for such a wonderful act.  Also for showing me that this world is not filled with only wicked and deceitful people. However, He showed me that there are many people in this world that are sincere and genuine and care, about the well-being of others.

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