Things Nobody Told Me About Raising My Disabled Adult Child

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Everyone told me to be ready. They told me to prepare for life after Nate graduates from school and when special education, pediatric care, and other services for children with special needs were long gone.

“You need to have a transition plan.” They said.
“You need to know what you are doing.”
“Make a plan that will guide your child, smoothly into the next phase of his life.”

So I did. I had a plan. Yet, as I sit here nearly 2 years after Nate left special education and graduated, I feel as if something is missing. As if they forgot to tell me something about raising a disabled adult child.

Nobody told me…

1) Raising a disabled adult child is difficult.
2) That there are many challenges with caring for my adult disabled child.
3) Placing him in a residential facility wouldn’t be easy.
4) Keeping an adult child home wouldn’t be easy either.
5) You will never stop worrying.
6) Doctors appointments don’t stop.
7) You will have sleepless nights.
8) You will need to help your child adjust.
9) The fear of the future doesn’t go away.
10) You will have regrets and wish there were things you did when he was younger.
11) You will question your decisions.
12) You will fear dying without your child.
13) There will be moments where you cry because of the deep love you have in your heart for your child.

The deep cry has occurred more times than I can count.

I’m crying now….as I type this.

If only someone would have told me. - -






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    My Heart goes out to you. Whenever I find useful information I send you via FB Messenger or to your email.
    I know New York is different than PALMER but perhaps there maybe similar initiatives where you live.

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    Jan D

    God bless you, Charlene, you are a great Mom to Nate. I must commend you for the things you have accomplished while raising Nate, ie- working a full time job, going to school, getting your degree, and your teaching certification. And these are only the things of which I am aware.

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