Be Thankful For Your Blog Readers

Be Thankful For Your Blog Readers - - -
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A few days ago, I posted an article titled, Blog Traffic: A Lesson In Patience. In the article I shared that we bloggers need to have patience in waiting for our blog traffic to grow. As I was writing that post, I couldn’t help to think how as well as having patience, we need should be thankful to those that come to our blog – “Our Readers.”

Readers are important to a blog. Without a reader… “Where would a blogger be?” It is the reader who we spend time writing for. They are the people we want to come to our blog, with the purpose of entertaining them or providing valuable information, or persuading them to believe or change something in their life for the better. Are readers are important. We need them.

So, I want to take the opportunity to say

“Thank you to my blog Readers”

I am thankful for every one of you that stops by this blog to read my post. I know there are many blogs in the internet world, more than I can count. However, when a reader takes the time to click a button or types in my website, I am more than happy, I am ecstatic and appreciative.

I Thank You!

I thank you to those who read my website from around the world. Those visitors and views from my home country, The United States and the many readers from the United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, and more. I truly wish that I could name them all.  I thank you for reading.

I also thank you for taking the time to like my blog post, comment, and share my articles with your family, friends, and on your social media sites. I know that you don’t have to share my post with others, but you do and I thank you.

Lastly, I thank you for allowing me to use this platform to share my faith, my experience with raising my son with special needs, my journey in becoming a full-time writer, as well as being an educator. Thank you so very much.

And as I end this post, I hope and pray that I will continue growing and giving quality content that will be a blessing to every reader to my blog.

~Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you~

To my fellow bloggers, if you haven’t taken the time to thank the readers of your blog, please do so. I’m sure they would like to hear it. - -

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      Awww, I thank you for reading and your support. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration! You’re an awesome and consistent blogger that everyone can learn from!

  1. 7

    I am embarrassed but I actually never thought about doing this. I address my blog readers a lot but I never directly thanked them,

  2. 14

    Charlene you are so sweet. I can tell how grateful you are for each and every reader and friend that comes to your site for a delightful read. As a fellow creative I feel so incredibly grateful for each and every person who visits my site and helps me grow. 🙂

    • 15

      Awww! Thank you. I am truly grateful for everyone that comes to my site. I remember wondering if anyone would read my post at all. I am still amazed at who reads it. They can go anywhere, but they choose to read my blog. Thank you for stopping by and reading! 🙂

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    Eccentric Muse

    I agree that it is important to thank our readers. I am very grateful for mine and I thank you for this reminder. God bless.

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    Elizabeth O

    It is important to remember that we have readers who are active and those who are silently supporting our effort so thanking all is a wise thing to do. I thank all of mine too.

    • 21

      Yes, I like that those that are “silently supporting us.” My aunt told me a few days ago that she reads my blog. She’s 70+ years old and doesn’t know how to comment, (she told me), but she is “silently supporting me.” I thanked her. I am so grateful. Thank yo so much for reading my post and commenting 🙂

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