Thank you Sesame Street, For Showing The World, Autism

Thank you Sesame Street for Showing the World Autism - Special needs
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Today, is the day that Sesame Street debuts their Autistic muppet and many, including me, are excited and thankful.

We are thankful because, Sesame Street is unarguably the most influential learning program for children. Many adults, born after the premiere in 1969, can remember watching the program, as a child.

I can still recall seeing the characters on our small tube television in our living room. Through those muppets is where I and many others received their very first introduction to the alphabet, numbers, and words from infectious melodies sung by Big Bird and his friends. Sesame Street, impacted the learning and educational development of millions.

So with their known influence on children, bringing Julia, a muppet, with autism, who “does things a little differently,” is wonderful. It is an opportunity to educate those young minds, preparing them for what they will see when they go into the world, “people doing things a little differently.” Whether this is having Autism, or another kind of difference, it will bring awareness. It will teach them, not only about differences, but disabilities, abilities, diversity, but most importantly love and respect.

So, I and millions of others want to thank Sesame Street again, for bringing a character with Autism for the world to see.




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