Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You Teachers, For the Thankless Job That You Do!

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“Teaching is a thankless job”

I’m sure that you may have heard this quote, many times before. We teachers use it to describe the lack of appreciation for all the hard work that we do for the hundreds of students that we educate during our career.

So today, I have decided to say, “THANK YOU” to all the teachers, including myself, for all the hard work that WE do.

1- Thank you for working without a contract. – I must say this first, because there are so many school districts that have been selfishly holding out on millions, (or billions) of dollars. They DO NOT respect their teachers and paying them what they are worth. Years have gone by, and these teachers have not received anything, not even a “cost of living” increase. So, thank you teachers for working without a contract.

2- Thank you for teaching under the most horrible circumstances. – There are many teachers working in deplorable conditions. These may include, deteriorating buildings, unclean and rodent infested rooms. These conditions make it difficult to teach. However, teachers stay because they love their profession and the students they teach.

3- Thank you for teaching in overcrowded classrooms. – I have 30 students in my class, which for some is nothing. There are teachers who are beyond that number. And these teachers continue to manage your class, with student squeezed into a little space, managing the personalities, opinions, and attitudes, of your class. You do this all, while still providing your students with a quality education.

4- Thank you for giving YOUR time (WITHOUT PAY) to help students. – There are so many teachers that don’t receive supplemental pay for arriving early to help students; working on their preparation time to help students; working on their lunch breaks to help students; and staying after school, to help students. They work, because they have compassion for the students.

5- Thank you for being more than a teacher (a counselor, a parent, a referee, a coach, and more). – Yes, you may not believe this, but teachers find themselves having to put on many hats during a school day. They are not just teachers, we are much more. So thank you for being what your students need at that time.

6- Thank you for spending your own money to buy school supplies. – There are many school districts that don’t provide materials or money for students. The classrooms lack the most basic supplies, such as pencils, paper, books, and more. Many teachers use their own, personal finances to buy these supplies. Thank you to those teachers that provide for their classroom with their own, hardworking money.

7- Thank you to those teachers that have stayed in the classroom when things have become difficult. – There are many schools and school districts that have problems that are beyond the control of the teachers. Districts that have mismanaged funds, hired unqualified administrators, or simply don’t have a clue on how to run a successful educational system. Yet, teachers stay because they care about the students.

8- Thank you for working hard to bridge the learning gap. – There are many teachers that are dedicated to helping those students that are not on level, students that don’t perform as well as their counterparts. These teachers spend tons of hours locating ways to help their students learn. They create individualized lessons to help their students. So we thank you, to those teachers that want nothing more than to see all of their students excel.

9- Thank you for caring for students when there is no parental support. – There are many students that don’t have support from their parents. Some teachers have gone beyond the call of duty and helped students with homework and reading. There are some teachers that have even, provided meals and uniforms to students that don’t have it. So thank you to those teachers that see a need and fulfill it.

10 – Thank you for making yourself available to parents past your workday. – There are many teachers who have granted their students and parents access to them after school hours. These teacher engage in homework support to both the parent and child. We thank you to those teachers that give of themselves, long after going home.

11 – Thank you for STAYING A TEACHER. – In a profession that is demanding and unappreciated, thankless, and not paid well, WE ALL THANK YOU for sticking it out. In spite of what people my think, every teacher can leave the profession. You can take your degree and move on. However, it is the love of the children, and wanting them to grow and excel that make you stay. So we thank you for STAYING.

12. Thank you for ____________ (add yours)! I’ve saved number 12 for you! For the many other reasons, we need to thank teachers.  So please feel free to add to this list.

Don’t reserve your thanks for TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK only.  Teachers deserve your “Thank you” everyday. So make sure you say it!


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