Take Time While Raising Your Children To Smile and Laugh!

Take Time While Raising Your Children and Smile and Laugh! - Faithtoraisenate.com - CharleneBulard.com - Purposedrivencharlene.com - Special Needs Blog
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I’ve heard people say this to me, through the years of raising Nate, but honestly, who had time for that. Raising Nate was a job, that left me extremely busy and exhausted. My goal was to care for Nate, making sure that he had all he needed so that I could relax. Smiling and laughing wasn’t a priority.

When I look back on those early years, although there were times that I did smile and laugh, I could have definitely spent time doing it more. I didn’t have to be so serious, thinking that if I showed too much fun that I would not look like a concerned parent for my child’s special needs. What foolish thinking!

Since then, I have learned how essential it is for me to laugh. Although it has not been completely proven by the medical community, some medical professionals believe that laughter is good medicine.

“In 1979, Norman Cousins, MD wrote Anatomy of Illness, which brought the subject of humor therapy to the attention of the medical community. In his book, Dr. Cousins details how he used laughter to help ease his pain while undergoing treatment for an incurable and extremely painful inflammation of his body’s tissues.”

This book by Dr. Cousins contributed to further research on the benefits of laughter. The new findings showed that laughter helps reduce high blood pressure, mental and emotional health, stimulates brain function, and more. Wow!

So today, I try to live enjoying my life, laughing and smiling more, and I want you all to do the same.

So, here are a few videos to help you get started in your new journey of smiling and laughing.

1- Of course people have to make the dancing Gorilla more interesting.

2 – I can’t help to laugh at this little Sweetheart’s lesson in learning where the number 4 belongs.


3 – Baby Micah’s laughter alone, should make you laugh.


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