Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

Stop Worrying About What Other People Think - - -
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For the majority of my life, I spent time worrying about what people thought of me. As early as elementary school, I was concerned about others opinions of who I was, while I developed. I was self-conscious about my hair, with its coarse, thick, and tight curls. My height and body was another concern, as I was always the tallest and skinniest in the class. I worried about my non-light skin black tone, as mine was of the darker hue.

I continued to worry about the opinions of others, well into my adulthood. I was concerned with my attire, always worrying if it was presentable or fashionable. I cared about what others thought about my work performance, a short-lived marriage, and lastly what people had to say about me having a child with special needs.

Over the years, I’ve continued to struggle inwardly, having my moments of not caring about what others thought and then going back to caring.

Recently with my blog, I found myself scared as I wrote, while I wondered if people were judging me and laughing at my attempts to write.  Also, my failed engagement last year, I worried if people were gossiping and laughing at the demise of that relationship.  The inward friction of worrying about what others thought was killing me.

I remember crying, as I prayed to God, saying…. “Lord, I can’t do this. I can’t worry about what other people think. People have talked and they will continue to chime in on the life of others. What can I do about it?”

That’s when I began to understand that I can do Nothing! I can’t control what other people say. I can only control me.

So, from that day forward, I made a decision. I will do exactly that – CONTROL ME. I will no longer allow the opinion, gossip, and “what-people-think-they-know-but-don’t-know-about-me” to have any kind of weight or impact my life. I won’t allow that to rule me. I can’t! I will not!

I have to live my life for me.

And I suggest YOU do the same. Live your life for you and stop giving others power over your life.


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    I spent a number of years in a 12 step program for children of alcoholics. I learned that so many people have the same insecurities as I do, and it made me much less worried about what other people are thinking.

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      WoW! Thank you for sharing that. When you look at like no matter who you are, people struggle with worrying about what others think. I really believe this goes for celebrities, people in the public eyes, men, women, children, no matter who you are or what you do. It something that everyone needs to overcome.

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        Absolutely. And let others know we are flawed too. I think there should be a book called “I’m Not Ok and You’re Not Ok and That’s Ok.”(There used to be one called “I’m OK, You’re Ok”)

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