Stop Trying to NOT Offend People

Stop Trying to not offend people -
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I will be honest, I usually don’t worry about what others think. The only opinions that matter to me are those of very (and I mean very) close family members or friends who truly matter to me and my development as a woman of God and a human being. However lately, I have been overly consumed with worrying about what other people think and not offending them when it comes to my writing.

Every day, when I sit down to write, I just write. I allow my mind to produce whatever God gives it. That can be a post about me raising my son with special needs, my life on this journey of writing and finishing my book(s), a feeling or thought that I have, teaching my students (although, I haven’t done too much on this one), or other subjects that are laid upon my heart. However, when I see that God is giving me something about my relationship with Him, there is always a thought that comes over me. It’s a feeling that I don’t want to offend anyone.

Today, as I am writing, I asked myself, “Why do I need to worry about being offensive to people?” “Why?” I know who I am. I know for a fact that my heart is genuine and pure. When I write, there are no harmful intentions within me to offend people. Sharing about my relationship with God, a bible verse, or saying the name of Jesus, should not make me feel that someone will be angry, which will perhaps cause them not to press the like button, leave a comment, or even read my blog.

So I have decided that I need to stop caring. I will continue to allow God, to guide me on my quest in writing. If someone DOES NOT want to read my blog, because it talks too much about my son, or too much about me writing, or if they don’t want to read that I am a Christian and that I love Jesus, then don’t read my blog.

I can no longer be worried about offending this world. I can’t please every single person. There will always be someone who is not happy and will find what I have written to be highly offensive. And I’m sure, someone who is reading this post, now or in the future, will be just that…..offended. And that is not my problem, but theirs.



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