Stop Obsessing About Your Blog Statistics…and Just Write

Stop Obsessing about your blog statistics..and write -
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Blog statistics can be helpful and they can be harmful.

For those of you that do not own a blog or website, blog/website statistics are basically a report of the activity of your site. It allows you to see how many visits, views, likes, and comments that your blog has garnered in a day, week, month, and year. This information is wonderfully packaged in an easy to read bar graph that allows someone to analyze your blog’s activity. It is very helpful and can assist a person in defining their target audience, defining their niche, improving content, perhaps monetizing (making money) their blog and much more. It is an invaluable resource.

However, for me, a person who is just increasing her blog content by writing and posting more often, blog statistics has become harmful. I have become obsessed with checking this data.

From the closing of last year, through a few weeks ago, I would check my blog statistics after every post. Not even five minutes after publishing a post, there I was clicking on the WordPress app, looking to see how many visitors and views I had. During the day, I would find myself checking the number of visitors by countries, which post received the most views, and then I would compare the previous month’s data with the current month, hoping to increase my numbers.

After a while, I noticed that instead of this information helping me, it was making me upset and driving me crazy. Now, all I wanted to do was increase my blog traffic.

So I went on a Google search to read articles about how I could bring people to my blog. I learned helpful tips, such as going to other blogs and making comments, in hopes that people would link back to my blog. I read how people should share their blog on their own Facebook personal page, groups. Also linking post to Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts was helpful. So, I did exactly what was suggested, all in an effort to increase my visitors and views. And after a while, trying to use these suggestions, I became tired.

Then one day, as I sat stuck on my phone, thumbing through blog statistics, I didn’t see as much change as I wanted. And I also noticed that something was suffering, it was my blog. I was spending more time analyzing data, that I was loosing precious time when I needed to be writing, which was more important, than anything.

This is when I decided that I needed to take a long break from checking those statistics. Basically, I needed to “fast.” I needed to refrain from examining my blog statistics.

And as result of ending daily study of my blog statistics, , I stopped concerning myself with the number of visitors, views, and which blog post they liked. Instead, I was able to focus on what mattered the most….my writing.


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    I followed God’s lead in starting my blog, and I try to trust God to link me with writers and readers. I am utterly fascinated by who reads me. Only God could have put the collection of people together! Trust Him with your writing. You have already helped at least one person—me.

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      Amen!! That is exactly how I feel, now. I am trusting God with connecting me to other via my blog. I write because I truly believe that God is leading me. I used to stress about who was reading my blog, but I can’t worry about it anymore. I stopped checking my blog statistics and I simply concentrate on growing as a writer. Of course we all want our blogs to be read, however that can’t be our only reason for writing. And as you said, only God can put a collection of people together. And I’m glad that I’ve helped you. You’ve helped me with your encouragement and your writing style. Beautiful!

      I was actually reading your blog last night. I absolutely love your pictures.

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    A.S. Akkalon

    Haha, it’s so easy to fall into this trap. I confess I check my stats too often. The instant gratification is addictive…

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