STOP THE DOUBT – Know That You Are A Good Mom

Stop Doubting - Know that You are a Good Mom - - -
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I truly believe it is a problem that impacts most mothers. We have those moments when we wonder if we are doing our very best. We go through the list of things we have done right and we smile with some happiness. Then we go through the list of “not so good” things, and we come back, doubting if we are a good mother.

I have done this throughout the years of raising my child. I look at all the great and awesome things I’ve done with my son, from cooking for him, planning his schedule of therapist, taking him swimming, and on vacations. Yes, I did great! I say. However, when it came to the “not so good” things, such as working, and not being a stay-at-home mom, or not having patience with Nate’s behavior problems, and feeling as if I should have located him more help, I feel like a – “not so good” mother.

Yes, there goes my doubt.

I truly believe that mothers have erected this imaginary “Perfect Mother”scale in our mind of what makes a good mother. We think that we should be close or perfect, making a few or no mistakes at all. We also believe that our good acts toward our children should always outweigh our mistakes. However, that is not true. Making mistakes doesn’t forfeit our “Good Mother” card.

A good mother is one that loves her children.
A good mother is one that continues to learn.
A good mother is one that provides for her children.
A good mother is one whose strives to be better.
A good mother is one that learns from her mistakes.
A good mother is one that knows that she is not perfect, accepts it, and continues to raise her children, doing the best that she can.

So STOP DOUBTING – Know that you are not just a good mom, but an AWESOME MOM. - -


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    My husband does work promoting healthy parenting. He says you don’t have to do it all right at all. He is a big supporter of “good enough” parenting which starts with a heart of love and an intention to do the best we can for our kids. “We all fall short” as St. Paul knew so well.

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