Stop Complaining – There is a Mom Who Would Love To Have Your Problems

Stop Complaining - There is a Mom Who Would Love To Have Your Problems - - - - Special Needs Blog
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I don’t like hearing parents who don’t have children with special needs complain. I hear their, “my child annoys me speech” as they go on into a rant of what their child does that is “getting on their nerves.”

“They talk too much.”

“All day, all I hear is, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.”

“They are too loud.”

“They want me to take them out.”

“I have to drive them around here and there….”

“They have too many activities. I’m tired of the baseball, basketball, dance class, track, etc…”

“I wish that they would leave me alone sometimes, so I can breath.”

I listen…saying nothing, just letting them vent. At other times their words are too much for me and I look at them with kind eyes, as I gently share….

“I wish that my son could talk.”

“I would love to hear my child call me Mommy, a million times.”

“I wish I could watch him play t-ball, baseball, basketball, or soccer. Or any sport.”

“I wish I could drive Nate around, to enjoy him picking out clothes, sneakers, or doing something else.”

“I wish that he would want me around, never leaving me alone.”

Yes, this is my wish!

Just remember, as you are complaining about your child, there is a parent whose child does not do what your child has been blessed to do. That mom or dad would love to have the “problems” that you complain about. - -

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