Stop Competing With Other Moms – YOU ARE UNIQUE

Stop Competing With Other Moms - YOU ARE UNIQUE - - -
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A friend shared that she compared herself to other moms on social media. She noticed the fun and exciting things that her friends were doing with their children, from school activities, sporting events, trips to amusement parks, and vacations to Disney. As she looked at the photos, seeing their happiness, she felt as if her life with her children wasn’t as exciting. So she went about doing the same.

She explained how she planned events and activities with her child, in a quest to be like the other moms.  She made sure that during their activities, she snapped enough photographs that she would eventually download to her social media account. After the pictures were on her site, she waited for the views, likes, and comments to roll in, as happiness filled her, now that she was doing the same as those mothers.

As I listened to my friend, I began to think of how easy it is to fall into the comparison and competition trap. I have been there. I shared in a blog post how I compared my son with other children with special needs. I wanted Nate to grow and develop into something he was not. Eventually, I had to learn that my life with my son was different.  I am unique.  So there is no need to compare or compete.

I’m not sure why some mothers feel a need to be better than other moms.  We are not in a competition with one another. There is no award for being the “Best Mom Ever.” There is no obstacle course of “mom duties” that will win the gold metal in a “Mom Olympics.” That does not exist. So there is no need to compete, trying to outdo the next mom.

Instead of being in a competition, realize that each mom and family is unique.  We don’t have to spend our time trying to be better or out shine someone else. When you are a unique you are in your own class where competing is not necessary. - -

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    Eccentric Muse

    And this is how we end up with those silly competitive shows like Dance Moms (or something like it). Haha! Joking aside, I agree that no one should spend all of their energy in trying to be someone else. We are all unique.

  2. 2
    Margaret from soulfood101blog

    Muse is right as always. Competing with someone else is just another trick to steal the joy you have. Is it really joyful if we are having to work THAT hard for it, and hope we out happy the other family? Focus on the here, on what God blessed us with, and put in front of us. Not a brass ring that’s not even our brass ring. God bless you. Praying you have a blessed weekend 🙂

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