Sometimes Moms, Just Need To Vent

Sometimes Moms, Just Need To Vent - - -
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Recently, I was looking through one of the Facebook special needs groups. As I read down the various posts, I came to one mother’s post where she stated that she wanted to “vent.” She was going through a difficult time and needed to share her feelings and emotions about raising her child with special needs.

I read her post, pressing the “like” button as I sympathized with her. Just like this mother, I have had many moments where I just wanted to have someone to express myself to, just to “vent.”

Sometimes sharing my thoughts and feelings was a time where I didn’t want any one to talk. I didn’t want their advice and encouragement, I just wanted someone to hear me and listen to me as I shared every problem that I was having with my child. And over the years, I did this more times than I can count.

I thank God for the host of family and friends, as well as Nate’s teachers, and support staff that allowed me to “vent.” For me, getting those words and feelings out were freeing, refreshing, and cathartic. It was as if a big weight was removed from my shoulders. It helped tremendously.

So, if you know of a mom that is overwhelmed and filled with emotions, whether she is feeling stressed or perhaps she wants to share something from her heart, let her vent. Be the person to show love and care, just by simply, giving a listening ear. - -

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    Amen! Siblings too! I should start a support group called Siblings Under Stress (SUS)!! Except I work so much I could never keep it up. It is extremely stressful to be a Sibling without family support trying to care for a sibling with Autism. Siblings are the ignored family members even though we step in once our parents are gone. Siblings are the Unsung Heroes.

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    Margaret from soulfood101blog

    This is so true. I hear this so much, “I’m sorry about the rant” or “thanks for letting me vent” I always say that there is no need to apologize, stressing to them that there is nothing wrong with venting, they aren’t being malicious by sharing feelings. Getting it out it healthy, makes you feel better. That’s why it’s called venting, like a pot with a lid that’s boiling, you remove the lid to let it vent, or it will boil over, making a mess :):)

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    It’s so good to let it out without someone offering unsolicited advice or trying to stop your storm with premature sunshine. Great post!

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      Thank you for reading. Yes you are right! Letting it out is awesome, just as much as someone listening and not adding their advice to the equation. Thank you again for reading and commenting.

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