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Social Media is a great marketing tool. And social media is also a great distraction tool. If you want to be distracted….I’m not sure why…. just pull out your device and click on your favorite social media app, and you will be happily… or sadly distracted for hours.

With social media’s power to distract, comes the power that it has to steal our precious time. This is a time that can best be spent doing more productive activities with our life. For me, this activity is writing.

As a writer, I know that the mere distraction of social media can destroy my productivity. Just a quick check of my social media status, during a session of writing, can lead me down a path where I lose precious time that was reserved for completing a project.

In the past I have allowed the distracting power of social media to destroy my writing goals. It happened because I agreed to give myself time to write, then 5 minutes to check my social media status. As I clicked aimlessly through the timelines, reading post, and hitting the like or comment button, that promised 5 minutes became a wasteful hour or more.

It was then that I realized that something had to change, I had to SHUT IT DOWN. I could no longer have access to social media during my time of writing.  All my devices and wi-fi had to be turned off.

And, I know this may seem extreme to some. However, I believe that it is important to recognize those things that are distractions for you. We must do this before those distractions become the very things that, “shut you down” from achieving your goals and purpose in life.



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    Felicia Denise

    I don’t think it’s extreme at all. While I have no problem walking away from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram lure me constantly! LOL!

    A guest blogger in my writing group talked about ‘’ early last week. A simple program that allows you to shut down the internet. I tried it for three days and quickly became a paid subscriber.

    You choose the length of your sessions. I’ve had 2, 3, and 5 hour sessions, and I get so deep in the zone, when the session ends, I’m sorry I didn’t set it for longer. LOL!

    • 6

      Hi Elizabeth, first I want say that I’ve been enjoying your blog. Your post are beautiful.
      Secondly, I wish I could say that Social Media wasn’t a problem, but it can be addictive. I’ve decided to stay off of it and just write. I’m allowing WordPress and Twitter to update my social media accounts, because once I’m on, it’s difficult to get off.

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