Sharing Our Life With Others Lesson I Learned Raising a Child With Special Needs

Sharing our life with others - Lessons I learned raising a child with special needs -
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Someone asked me recently….

How did I become comfortable with sharing my son’s disability?”

I smiled, as I replied that it wasn’t easy and it was definitely a process.  Before that, it was a struggle to share with people about my son’s special needs.

In the beginning of Nate’s life, I did not like talking about my son’s rare congenital defect. It was something I refused to do it. If I did, I only shared with my immediate family and friends. I believed that keeping this information private, was for our protection. I wanted to shield us from the inquiries and opinions of others. I didn’t want to be bombarded with a barrage of questions that people would expect me to answer. Also, I didn’t want people to wonder or try to construct their own reasoning on how this could have occurred to Nate.

Yet, after a while, I began to feel that I no longer wanted to be closed about my life with Nate. I wanted to share, so I slowly began answering questions to those who asked.

Eventually, I became more comfortable with being transparent about my life and my child. There was a sense of ease, as I began to understand that sharing about Nate’s life was not about Nate or about me. Instead, when I put aside my feelings, and I went beyond what I wanted to tell others, I was honoring God. I was bringing Him glory, when I allowed others to see His work within me.


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