Share Your Life, You Never Know Who You Will Help

Share Your Life, You Never Know Who You Will Help - - -
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In the past, I have written a few blog post about the importance of sharing our life. I am a firm believer that our life experiences are not meant to be kept hidden from others.  However, they are meant to be a blessing to people, which God sweetly reaffirmed to me recently.

Last week during a school meeting, I happened to share with a parent that I have a son. This is not something I usually talk about during school meetings, but it came up in our conversation. The mother asked how old was my son, and I responded that he is 22 years of age and has special needs. She then asked about his needs, and I explained Nate’s diagnosis of CHARGE Syndrome, and his intellectual disabilities, and that he is also deaf, and blind.

The mom listened, then she candidly shared, that her son was recently diagnosed with severe hearing loss, deafness, and autism. While she shared what was happening in her life, I could relate to some of her concerns. I gave her a little of my experience, which I believed she appreciated.

After our conversation ended, the mother stayed on my mind, as I was thankful of the opportunity to share Nate.  I then thought of the time when I was apprehensive about sharing my life with people. I was shy, scared, and I worried about what people would think of Nate and me. In the early years of raising my son, I rarely shared his diagnosis. When I was asked, I would not elaborate, but keep it brief, only saying that my child had special needs. I would omit important details.

Within the last six or seven years, God has worked on me being more open. This blog and the writing of my book has really helped me to share intimate details of my life, in hopes of bringing God glory and allowing others to be blessed.

So, don’t be scared. You never know how the sharing of your life can be a blessing to others. It can help and encourage them, giving them the strength they need to continue raising their child with special needs. - -



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      You know, I was told the same thing. “Shut up. Don’t be telling all of your business.” I think we ought to be wise about what we share. God will lead us in what is appropriate. You know your parents, but I would hope that they would be proud, because many of your post, are encouraging and helpful to me and I’m sure many others. Heck. I admire you for how long you’ve been blogging. What an inspiration to man and others! 🙂

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