Be Sensitive – Don’t Record a Child’s Behavior Problems

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About a month ago, I was cruising through Facebook and noticed a video on my a friend’s timeline. It was a reposting of a mother and her son. In the video, the mother and boy, about the age of 11, were sitting in a waiting room, perhaps in a doctor’s office, or some sort of business or establishment. As they were sitting the boy tried repeatedly to get up and walk away, as his mother pulled him back to his seat. After sitting in the chair the boy proceeded to hit his mother and grab her hair. You could tell by the expression on the mother’s face that she was sad, hurt and frustrated.

As a mother of a child with special needs and behavior difficulties, my heart goes out to that mother. Why? Because I have been there. When I watched that video, I could see myself in that situation.

My son has hit me in public numerous times. There was the day in the swimming pool, where the water was too cold and Nate wanted to get out. He grabbed my skin and pulled on my hair, as sections of it filled his hand and I watched it float away in the pool. There was also the time that Nate became upset because he did not want to go in a store. This caused him to hit me in my face, while two ladies looked on, shocked that my child hit me. I was left feeling sad, hurt, and frustrated.

So, when I looked at the video I was angry and disgusted that someone had the audacity to record such an incident. These moments are not for someone’s pleasure, entertainment, or humor. It should not be placed on social media to be dissected for everyone to give their opinion. This is a serious situation that requires sensitivity and respect.

So the next time, you see this happening in public, if your mind thinks about taking out your phone to record it – DON’T. Instead offer a word of encouragement to the parent, or say a prayer, because I’m sure they need that more than anything.


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    You mean she posted another person’s child? That is such an invasion, to say nothing of the shaming the videographer intended. May the child never know about the video.

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    Yes, as I was writing that post, I actually looked for that video again. Yes, that makes me mad. I wouldn’t want someone taping me. Nate still has tantrums at times, when we are out. I pray that we are NEVER tapped by an insensitive person.

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