Self Reflection!

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Self-Reflecting – It is defined as the examining of one’s own thoughts and actions. Psychology today describes the importance of self-reflection as being a critical component of positive change in life. Change requires two things: a goal, and an awareness of where one currently is in order to assess the discrepancy between the two. 

In the past few years, I have made “self-reflection” a genuine part of my life. When I do this, I take a microscopic look at my character, actions, and motives. I prefer to think that I am looking into my heart, dissecting myself, as I believe that inside the heart is where the truth about my character dwells.

To be honest, in the beginning this was difficult. It was hard to look into a mirror, and critique my own behavior and attitude, and see that the image reflecting back wasn’t as beautiful as I believed. Who really wants look at their character and be honest and admit that they can be mean, use words to hurt, are impolite, or have a less than desirable attitude? It’s hard to be truthful about those flaws.

And I must admit, over the last few years it has become easier. I have examined my heart, mind, attitude, relationships, myself as a mother, and my work ethic. There have been numerous changes, for the betterment of my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

So now, I can be proud of who I am looking at in my mirror. And when I see “me”, I can love the SELF that is REFLECTING back




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