Resurrecting My Blog and Committing Myself to Blogging

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Blogging can be very difficult. There are millions of blogs that have been created over the years, by people with a deep desire to share their content with the world.  And for as many blogs that live in the global internet world, there are many that are neglected and malnourished, even left abandoned and deserted to die.

There are numerous reasons that blogs meet their death. Some owners become disinterested or realize that the time needed to devote to maintaining it is too much work. It doesn’t become priority. Others are dissatisfied with their content that is being produced. And lastly, there are some owners that simply walk away because their hopes and dreams of monetizing their blog, making millions of dollars, has not been achieved in a quick timeframe. All of these reasons and more cause the blog owner to pick up their blog, dropping it into a coffin and covering it with dirt.

In my short lifetime, I have started four blogs. Yes, four! All of those blogs have met their untimely death. My first blog was in the early MSN Spaces, the blogging site that no longer exist. Years later, I tried the blogging site, Blogger. Then I went over to a WordPress blog, and then a few years later another WordPress blog.

Each blog I started with excitement, high hopes, and dreams of blogging regularly. I made the declaration that I was going to blog, and never give up. I told myself, “Charlene, this blog is going to be the one!” Yet, just like the ones that came before it, that blog died too.

My last and current blog was started in 2014. When I began this one, I had grand hopes of blogging a few times a week, using it as a platform for sharing about my son and one of my many books. In the very beginning, I wrote a few posts, with pride. I even loved the feedback from others. Yet, after a while, I found myself slowly falling into the dismal behavior of my previous unsuccessful blogging ventures. I was no longer committed and I stopped writing and posting. And by mid-2015, my blog was dead.

As my blog sat in its grave I felt a sadness and a deep desire to blog. Yet, I wondered, “How could I revive it?” That is when the word “Commit” ran across my mind.

To resurrect my, I had to “Commit” myself to my blog.

So this is exactly what I decided to do….“COMMIT.”

I immediately made daily writing and posting goals. And since that day, I have kept that commitment of writing and editing. Even when I am not in the mood to write and when I feel that I don’t have anything to write about.  When I don’t see “likes” or “comments”.  Also, when I check the statistics and no one has went to my blog on that day or week. I blog knowing that it has not produced a steady stream of income for me. I just blog. And this is what I have to do so that my blog won’t die again. Be committed to blogging.

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