What Is Really Stopping You From Accomplishing Your Goals?

What Is Really Stopping You From Accomplishing Your Goal?
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I recently listened to one of my favorite podcast about the excuses we make for not writing. As I listened to the speaker outline the many excuses for not writing, I became guilty. I could relate to nearly everyone that she gave.

I then asked myself a question…..

“Charlene what is really holding you back from accomplishing your goals?”

As I tried to answer my question, I mentally compiled a list.

  • Could raising Nate, my son with special needs be holding me back?
  • Working and caring for a household?
  • Tiredness and exhaustion after a hectic day of teaching elementary school students?
  • The dysfunctional relationship that I spent years pining over, that finally ended?
  • Or my attachment to my phone constantly, checking emails and text messages?
  • Or the many hours I spend checking my blog statistics or roaming through social media?

Hummmm? What could it be?

That was when the answer to that question appeared. It was me. Yes!

Me, Me, Me, Me. (And I’m screaming).

I was the only deterrent to my success.
I was the one that was stopping myself from writing.
I was the one that wasted time, when I could have written for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or even an hour or more during the day.
It was me that wasted opportunities to write.
I made excuses for not completing my stories.
I put them down, allowing the passion and drive to slowly dwindle away from me.

It was all me. I was holding myself back from accomplishing my goals.

And as I recognized that I am my own problem, I remembered a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche,

“But the worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself.”

I believe this is true. We are our own and worst enemy. We are the antagonist in our own lives that stops us from pursuing our goals and our purpose.

And it is time that “YOU” and “ME” make a decision, that we will no longer be that enemy, but the ones that do whatever is necessary to accomplish our goals and purpose in life.

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    Also check in with God to see if your goals and His line up. When they do, I find it is much easier to work towards them. Sometimes I don’t achieve my goals because I am trying to achieve them just on my own steam.

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      I totally agree. Praying about what your goals/purpose is important. I think I spent to many years not writing. I truly believe that writing is a gift for me from God. I just was preoccupied with my own desires, not believing that I could make writing a career. I was definitely hurting myself. Yet, I’ve decided to allow God to direct me and no longer be my worst enemy. 🙂

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