My “Open Doors and Closed” Interview Doors

Open Doors and Closed Doors
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“I’m tired”, I complained.  It was time to move on from my job, so decided to start the process of locating a new teaching position.  After a lengthy search, I found my resume’ locked in an old flash drive and I immediately dusted it off and brought it to the current state of my career.  I then sent it to an old colleague who graciously looked it over, editing, and revising it to make it more appealing.  It was now perfect.  Within a few days of submitting it to a perspective hire, I received a phone call.  Yes!!! I screamed, overly excited, as we scheduled the interview for a few days later.   

All weekend, I prepped myself by going over each and every possible question that I would be asked.  On Sunday night, the day before the interview, I nervously went through my congested closet, looking for the perfect attire.  On Monday morning, the day of my interview, I woke up early, excited at the new possibilities of a new job.  However, before I could get ready for the big day, I jumped on my routine Monday morning prayer conference call with my friends. Of course they prayed for my interview, which made me hopeful. When we ended the call, I was ready to jump into the shower, yet before I did, I decided to check my email.  As I scrolled down the list, sitting in my inbox was a message from the principal.  I pressed the button, as I wondered why she sent me an email and so early in the morning?  I read her words slowly.  

“I’m sorry, but I have to cancel our interview for today.”

I was flabbergasted.  What?  There was no explanation, as I sat on the edge of my bed confused.  So I immediately sent a friendly reply, stating that I hope we could reschedule soon.  In my mind, I wanted to reschedule the following day.  So, I waited for a response, checking my phone every 5 minutes for a call or an email all morning, afternoon, and night.  The next day, I waited and still no response.  So after a few days, I realized that she was not going to a call or email me.  And to my dissatisfaction, I was correct, she never contacted me, which mean’t that I was going to back to my job, that I was tired of.  Grrrrrrr!!!!

So, what lesson do I have about this?

Nothing!! I say, now laughing about the situation.

Or maybe there is one……

Trust God that doors that are opened and then immediately closed are for a reason. I may not know why she called me for that interview; which excited me, making me fantasize about a possible new teaching position, new students, new administration, new work life, and new happiness (I hoped).

However, what I do know for certain is that God is in control of everything. He controls my open doors and my closed doors.  My Lord knows why things happen and why they “do not” happen. And of course, I’m all right with that.

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