There Is No Place Like Home For My Child With Special Needs

There Is No Place Like Home For My Child With Special Needs - - -
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I click my heels as I say this as, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

There is no place like home!

We are grateful for the residential facility Nate lives. It has indeed been a blessing. Yet, I know that Nate misses home. Although he is unable to verbally, share his feelings, I can see from the look on his face and the giddiness in his stride that he loves coming home on the weekends.

The moment I park the car, and open the door, I see excitement all over him. Nate impatiently waits for me to open the door, as he heads up the stairs from the basement, through the kitchen and the dining room, then lastly in the living room. He sits on the sofa, as a sense of relief comes over him, and a smile emerges on his face. Then he kicks off his shoes and leans back in a posture that shows that he is happy.

During our time together, I can see that he loves being home.

After our busy day of swimming, running errands, and enjoying a wonderful meal, I watch him as he relaxes in his bed, tired from a full day. Nate is comfortable, as he places his head on his pillow.

He allows me to place a soft kiss on his forehead.

I stand looking at him.

He smiles. I smile.

I know he misses being home….and I miss him being home too. - -

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    I feel the same when Stephen is with me and he enjoys his home visits. Even though I’ve moved around wherever I am is home for Stephen. ♡
    We don’t get to see each other often because of my work schedule and I no longer drive but it’s always a Happy Reunion when we are together.

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