Mother’s Day: Things I love About Being a Mother of a Child With Special Needs

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1- I love seeing my son grow and develop. – It has been a blessing to witness the development of Nate, from the first day he was born, to us receiving his diagnosis of CHARGE Syndrome. Watching Nate go through all of his therapy sessions, beginning at 6 months of age through him attending school, and graduating 21 years later, has been wonderful.

2- I love seeing Nate accomplish milestones that I didn’t believe that he was going to do – Nate didn’t walk as most children, at the age of 1 or 2. We held him and transported him in a stroller at 4 years old. However, at about 4 1/2, Nate began walking independently. I cried the day, I saw him walking up the stairs, going to his room. My baby did something that I never thought he would do.

3- I love our many doctor’s visits – Now this may seem odd, because doctor’s visits are not really fun, especially when you have a child with special needs. However during each of those visits, I learned so much about my child, his needs, and how to care for him. I also learned to make the best out of a situation that I didn’t like, which drew me closer to my child.

4– I love making Nate happy – Having a child with special needs, who is nonverbal and does not have the ability to express himself in a manner that we all understand, can be difficult. It takes time and patience to observe a child and determine their needs and wants. I shared a post about how I learned that swimming makes Nate happy.  Taking him swimming on Saturdays is the highlight of my week. Just to see Nate in the pool smiling, laughing, and jumping, makes me just as happy.

5 – I love when Nate kisses me – My son doesn’t say Mom, he doesn’t verbally talk to me, he doesn’t say “I love you”, but when he lays his head on me, or takes my face and kisses me, it makes my heart melt.

6- I love cooking for Nate – My son loves to eat. For such a small man he has a big appetite. If you’ve ever watched Nate, he eats with a huge smile on his face. To show his contentment he may flap his arms, which is his way of saying, “This is good.” I love it. It just makes my day.

7- I love the lessons I have learned about having faith to raise Nate – I love my son, because God has shown me so much through raising him. He has shown me true agape love, patience, trust, and how to have faith in Him to guide me in raising Nate.

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    I appreciate that these are genuine words of gratitude rather than words of someone trying to put a good face on a bad situation. I can feel your true love for your son come through.

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    Whitney ibe

    You are a good and wonderful mother. Very open and strong willed. Nate is blessed and favoured to have you as a mother. More grace and keep doing what you are doing. It won’t be in vain. God bless you.

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