I Make No Apologies for the Mother I Am (For my Child With Special Needs)

I Make No Apologies for the Mother I Am (For my Child With Special Needs) - charlenewrites.com - charlenebullard.com - purposedrivencharlene.com
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I have heard it said about mothers….

“She is an overbearing Mom”
“That Mom is overly involved”
“She’s a Mom-Manager”

At times these names bothered me, as I didn’t want that stigma on me. For someone to call me overbearing, overly involved, or a mom-manager, was an insult. I surely didn’t want that stigma of being like a Hollywood mom or dad manager. Those that ruled with an iron fist and people labeled a beast (or the other B**** term) to work with. No! Not me!

Over the years and even now, I have realized that those names or stigmas shouldn’t be my concern. All that matters is my son.  Nate is deaf, blind, and mentally disabled. I am his mother and I am his ears, I am his eyes, and I am his brain. I make decisions for him, and I make sure everything is done appropriately and correctly. I do it all! He is my responsibility.

And I know that this is not popular with many. As much as administrators from schools, residential facilities, Community Living Arrangements, and others want parent involvement, it can be a problem for them. They balk when it is not subdued or when the parent involvement is not what suits them. Some of them despise when parents, ask questions, want answers, and request change. This becomes a problem for them, where they look down on the parent, as being nothing but troublemakers.

Yet, I don’t care!

I make no apologies for what I want for my son or the others with disabilities. I want them all to be respected, well cared for, and treated like human beings. If my desire to have them treated fairly, causes people to consider me to be an overbearing and overly protective parent – SO WHAT!

I will not stop wanting the best for my son.  And I make no apologies for the mother I am!

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    Amen My Sister! I’m the same way with my brother Stephen! He will always be #1 in my life and I want the best for him. I’m sure some or certain staff at his Group Home Residence have called me the B word not that it bothers me because I don’t allow other peoples opinions to worry or upset me! I’m Stephen’s Protector and we are a Team. Always and Forever!!

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    K E Garland

    Agreed. We treat one another so crazy sometimes. Like you said, systems and institutions want more involvement, but then they want to dictate what type of involvement. Also, if you weren’t so involved, then people would have something to say about that too.

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      Hi Kathy, you are so right. I have seen them talk about other parents that are not involved. They will not pick and chose my involvement. I am here and I’m not going anywhere. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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