Loving Your Blog….When Times Get Hard

Loving Your Blog….When Times Get Hard - CharleneBullard.com - Faithtoraisenate.com - Purposedrivencharlene.com
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Loving Your Blog….When Times Get Hard

People who don’t blog, are not aware that blogging is more than writing an article then posting it to a website. Blogging can be difficult. It is a true labor of love.

Blogging requires one to produce clear and meaningful content that will appeal to its readers. In doing this, a blogger/writer, must know how to write. The mechanics of writing is mandatory. A blogger must also know their topic. This may requires researching information, making sure that the content is accurate. In addition, images are sometimes needed to bring a post alive. And lastly, marketing the blog post is essential to gaining readers and followers.

All that may sound easy, and for some it may, as you become more experienced in the process, yet blogging takes work. It is work that you can love one day and hate the next.

I am a witness to loving my blog. When I began blogging I absolutely enjoyed what I was doing. I loved learning about WordPress and locating the right template to make my blog more visually appealing to my readers. I also liked the growth and traffic that I received. Yet, in all the work that was required to maintain my blog, it became tiresome and difficult. Slowly, I could see the love for my blog extracting from me, as dislike replaced it.

With all this work, it is easy to fall out of love with your blog. Its like having a new toy or, for electronic loving adults, a device. In the beginning, it is fun and exciting, you can’t put it down. Then after you have had it for a while, it becomes boring, as you put it aside not interested in playing with it.

I have been here with my blog. The excitement was there, but not as it was in the very beginning. So, I have made the decision to treat my blog better. I decided to be committed to it. I will invest time, treat it respectfully, give it my undivided attention, check it daily, fix any areas that have a problem, and most importantly, give it continual love.

If we are to continue to grow as bloggers and writers, we must love our blog……even when times get hard.

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    Ella G

    I’ve only started blogging myself and do worry that I will very quickly run out of steam. The blogging community seems to be really great. The encouragement that bloggers give to one another is fantastic, that I’m hoping this part will keep me motivated to stay blogging well into the future.

    • 5

      Ella, please stick to it. Don’t worry about running out of steam. I’m am learning how to keep a writing schedule and post. Read other helpful blogs that give great encouragement. Also don’t become discourage at the low blog views. It takes time. Trust me. There were some days when I received 1 view. I read a great article that say 1 is better than 0. Keep going. Please.
      Thank you for reading. 🙂

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