The Lie of the Comfort Zone

The Lie of the Comfort Zone, comfort, contentment
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In the past, when I thought about my comfort zone, it evoked feelings of peace and tranquility. It was my happy and quiet home. A place where I felt physically and mentally safe and at ease. I was devoid of any type of stress and anxiety. Yet, over the years, I have learned that my safe haven that I believed was comforting, was a big, fat LIE.

The COMFORT ZONE is a lie because it gives a false sense of security. It tells us that where we are is the best place to be, and moving will only cause us worry, stress, and failure. It tells us that going beyond that line that we have created, will result in agitation to our mind and body, something that we surely don’t want. So staying in the confines of that zone is for our best.

For years, I sat in the four walls of my comfort zone. I believed its lie that my life was going fine in its safe pastures. It protected me from everything that I feared, especially when it came to my writing. It was my safe place from the negative opinions and thoughts of others, who didn’t understand me or my craft. I told myself that I could not share with the world, just a few people in my trusted circle, to guarantee that I would never be hurt.

And as time moved on, I began to see that my life was passing me by. I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose for fear of failure, negative feedback, looking ridiculous or stupid, and not being accepted. As I looked at my life and the inactivity, I began to see that what I thought was comforting and secure was not, instead it was prohibiting me from moving forward in my life. It was stopping me for achieving success.

The comfort zone is not a good place, as I thought. It makes people stay, exactly where we are, in the cushy and soft arms of contentment. We stay in jobs and careers that we loathe, relationships that are draining and not good for us, places we should move away from and more, all because we are comfortable. And instead of going beyond that line, we would rather stay where we are, knowing there is more and we can do much better. As we say, “I’d rather stay here because I know what to expect….It’s safe.”

Yet, I have learned that as much as I think the comfort zone is a safe place, it is not. Being comfortable, means being content. Being fine with where I am. It means that I am not growing or challenging myself to be a better person. It means that I have settled for mediocracy and just “being.”

So, I have decided to stop believing this lie and move out of my comfort zone and pursue my purpose. And I challenge you to do the same. Let us be stretched, pulled, and moved away from those zones of comfort, to live a life that is full of meaning and purpose.


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    Sixteen years ago my husband and I left our very comfortable zones to move across the country based on God’s urging. Nothing is the same, but it is all better. Who knew? God apparently!

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