Letting Go and Giving God, My Son’s Behavior Problems

Letting Go and Giving God my Son's Behavior Problems
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I will be honest. At times it is difficult to share about my child’s behavior. Although I have written about it in the past, it remains a struggle for me. There is a feeling of sadness that fills me when I talk about it. Being honest with others and sharing, that although Nate resides in a residential facility full-time, we continue to have major issues with his behavior.

There have been numerous appointments with Nate’s psychiatrist to discuss this problem and we have requested an increase in his medicine to help him. We have also called in a Behavioral Specialist to give us  a plan to help him.  From these meetings, reports have been written, giving us detailed strategies, on how to help Nate change this unwanted behavior. However, it seems as if those suggestions are only that, just suggestions, as Nate continues to be combative.

At our last meeting, two weeks ago, I left with a heaviness and sadness. When I went home…..

I cried….

I screamed….

I was angry…..

I felt lost…..

I doubted if Nate should be at the facility…..

I questioned if he should come home…..

I told myself that I was wrong for sending him away….

I prayed, and then I got up…..

I didn’t want to pray anymore….

I had a bad attitude with God…

Then I felt bad for, having a bad attitude with God….

Then I prayed again….

This time……I gave it to God……

I surrendered Nate…

I handed Nate and all of his behavior problems to God…..

“I can’t do it anymore”, I told God…

You have to…..


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    I’m praying for you and Nate. I appreciate you sharing your path. I know it probably isn’t easy thing to do, not knowing what reaction you might get but that’s ok, that’s mans reaction which is of this world. You are correct God has this. He is the only one who can guide you for what is best for you and Nate. God loves you both and He will provide a way God Bless you.

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    Perhaps he is in physical pain and can’t tell you. I think that would be very frustrating for you both. I hold you both in my heart. Can’t remember if I ever told you I knew a woman with a rubella affected child back in the 1970’s, so I have somewhat of a sense of Nate’s condition.(Though I have read about his particular condition and know it is even more complex.)

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