Let’s Be Honest….. Blogging Ain’t Easy

Let's Be Honest, Blogging Ain't Easy - CharleneBullard.com - Purposedrivencharlene.com - Faithtoraisenate.com
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People have this belief that starting a blog is the easiest thing in the world. “I’m going to start a blog. How difficult can it be?”

When I started blogging I had the same belief.  “Having my own blog will be the easiest thing for me to do,” I said naïvely.  Yet, what I have learned, after starting and stopping, three previous blogs, is that “Blogging Ain’t Easy!”

Let me repeat it again.  BLOGGING AIN’T EASY!

Perhaps, starting a blog is easy, as some companies have shortened the process, making it less painstaking. There are many do-it-yourself blogging kits, where templates and themes are free and available at your disposal. Companies have also made ordering a website address and hosting company carefree. In some cases, they have removed the middle man, the technology specialist, and made it like a drive-thru restaurant, where you can look on a menu, order a blog, and pull up to the window and pick it up.

The problem with these “drive-thru blogs” is that when you receive your order, companies fail to give you explicit instructions. They don’t inform their buyers that maintaining a blog, “ain’t easy.” They don’t share that blogging takes a considerable amount of time and work from the blogger. One does not simply start a blog and that is it.

Blogging requires much more. A blogger must have the skills to create content, and market their blog, all while having patience.  Without these three, your quick and easy blog, will be in the blog graveyard, shortly after you leave the drive-thru lane.

So, let us discuss these three things and why they make blogging difficult.

First, content is extremely important.  You may have heard this saying, “Content is King,” which means it is the central part of your blog. It is the information you will share with the world.  It should be clear, consistent, understandable, relatable, and helpful to your audience? Your content is what will draw people to you, and what will make them run far away from you.

Next, you must know how to market, or promote your blog.  This is not easy.  Marketing is not as simple as sending an email to family and friends and posting it on social media.  It takes strategic planning and work. A blogger must know their target audience, how to reach them, what they need, and how they can help them. Without this information you and your blog will be lost.

Lastly, every blogger must have patience. Yes, Patience! Without the ability to wait for your blog to flourish, you will crumble at the zero visitors, zero views, zero likes, and zero comments. Lack of patience will cause you to become frustrated and angry at the process. You should be willing to go through the good, the bad, and the ugly of blogging.

With all this said, please don’t think since, “blogging ain’t easy” that you can’t do it.  You absolutely can do it! However, you must have patience, and be ready to put in the work. For when you decide to press forward during hard times and good times, blogging will go from being difficult, to being easy for you.

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  1. 1

    So happy somebody finally said it! A lot are jumping on the ‘bandwagon’ and I think the time has passed where one simply falls into blogging, there’s much too much information out there to make people aware of what exactly they are getting into. At least enough to prevent inconsiderate and sometimes insulting comments that imply that blogging is easy and anyone can do it. Anyone can do it for sure, but I wouldn’t describe it as easy at all! I learnt the hard way lol

    • 2

      I’ve read post that talked about the difficulty of blogging, however what sparked this post was a family member shared how they were going to start a blog, because I started one. They were saying it matter of factly as if it was easy, like changing clothing. People need to know the truth, it takes time, dedication, and work. As you said, its and insult to think it is easy and what we do is a piece of cake. I want to say “Try, and see how long you last.” It is work. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. We will be fine, as long as we continue blogging and having patience.

  2. 3

    Yes Blogging can be a challenge. I suppose when I started Blog #1 I just thought of it as fun. I didn’t really have too many expectations. I was happy just to showcase my writing for Blog #1. Now when I started Blog #2 my Photography Blog I had already built up a following from the writing blog and I then began to actively promote with Photo blog with other photographers. I used my Facebook and Google pages to promote and market my photography blog Roaming Urban Gypsy.

    It does help if you have time to join local writing or photography groups in your community. You need to meet with like-minded people. Check out Meet-ups, your neighborhood library or your local/regional newspaper for face to face groups.

    Patience is key.

    You can’t really worry or focus on stats and numbers. Just like before computers, the Web, blogs or even cell phones were invented both writing and photography should be done for the pure joy of creating.

    • 4

      I admire you, because you have been blogging for YEARS. When I saw your archives, I was and still am impressed. I wish I would have stuck too it. And you are so right, it should be done for the pure joy of creating. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. Hopefully my readers will read your comment. 🙂 It is so helpful.

  3. 8
    carlos SP

    Glad you came back. People need to know their work and their struggle.
    Talk about you, talk about your fight, you are a woman engaged in life, yours and your child; then tell the world what’s going on, the details, the joys and the pains; speak of your faith and your love, your solitude and your hopes.
    It is not quantity, it is content, it can be a phrase, that inserted in context, signals to the direction of reflection.
    I believe that this can all echo in the minds and hearts of people around the world, and help them.

    Thank you, Health and Peace !!

    • 9

      Great comment. Thank you. Yes, our blogs can really be a light to many. Thank you so much for sharing this comment. I hope my readers get an opportunity to read it. yes, sharing with people around the world.

  4. 10

    I am amazed at how many quit after a month or so. I am glad that you have kept at it. I have learned a lot from your posts. The reward has been at church where I have deeper compassion for parents with special needs kids.

    • 11

      Thank you Elizabeth. I started a few blogs. I just didn’t know who I was, that is perhaps why it didn’t work. I am so happy I kept at it, or I wouldn’t have met you. :). I’m loving learning about your many jobs. 🙂

  5. 13
    Mabel Kwong

    So agree. Blogging isn’t easy. If you want to have a long-running blog, you have to be committed. Agree that you need to have a lot of patience – patience to sit down and blog and then the spontaneity to get up and live life and come back to blog again 🙂

    • 16

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I guess I use a lot of promotion on social media. Facebook is my highest referral traffic. I found posting in my groups, where you reciprocate and read other blogs, I receive my traffic. I post to Instagram and Twitter. Google and Pinterest as well. I’m hoping when my book is done, promotion will come from sharing my story. 🙂

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