Lessons I Learned Raising A Child with Special Needs “When Life Changes, You will Never Lack Anything”

Lessons I Learned raising a Child with Special needs "When Life Changes You will Never Lack Anything" CharleneBullard.com Faithtoraisenate.com purposedrivencharlene.com
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I thumbed through the newsfeed of my Facebook thread, scrolling through the many post that appeared. Suddenly my eyes came across a sentimental post by Nate’s aunt, dedicated to her father, Nate’s beloved grandfather. He had passed away a few years prior, and as I looked at the picture on his daughter’s Timeline, it made me think of the man who loved my son and affectionally called him, “Bo Bo.”

When Nate’s grandfather passed away, I remember feeling this sense of sadness that life had changed. I knew this prior to his passing, when his wife had gone before him, yet it hit me after his funeral, when I sat, reminiscing about all of our supporters and how they were no longer with us.

Both Nate’s grandparents had gone on to heaven within a short time of one another. Then a few years later, I banned my mother from caring for Nate, as he had become too big and strong, making it impossible for her to handle him.

Then there were the remaining support team; my sister, my niece, and my friends, who helped care for Nate, during the tumultuous years of me working and attending college classes at night; Everyone moved on.

It wasn’t that everyone abandoned us or checked out of our life. Not at all! Everyone’s life dynamics were different. Nathaniel’s grandparents passed away, my mother aged, work schedules and obligations weren’t the same, friends married and had children, and they were building families of their own. Also, Nate’s life and my life changed.

Looking back at that time, I had an awesome team of family and friends that were in our corner. Everyone worked to help me, but it couldn’t last forever. As life does, people get stretched in different directions, and the rhythm and routines of everyday, slow down or completely stop. And that was scary for a moment, yet it was all right.

In seeing this change, I was able to witness God’s beautiful presence. He never missed a beat….then how could He. When our life changed, He was there, providing for us. Nate and I never lacked anything.

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