Lessons I Learned From Raising A Child With Special Needs “God Answers Prayers”

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“No one is calling me back.” I whined to my friend on the other end of the phone. She was allowing me to vent, sharing my discouraging feelings that I had not located a job. The school year was approaching and as June ended, and as July was coming to a close, I was still unemployed.  I had sent my resume to numerous schools and had gone on few interviews, but there was no call backs or offers for a position.

I continued complaining to my friend, verbalizing my fear that I wouldn’t have a job by the start of the school year. Then she calmly spoke saying,  “Charlene, you should be happy that those jobs haven’t called you back. Those are not the ones for you.”

I digested her words and later I came to the conclusion that she was right. Those jobs were not for me.  They were not where I wanted to be. They were far away from home.

Since I had left my previous employer I had been praying daily, begging God to bless me with a teaching position that would allow me to care for Nate. I needed to be able to place him on the bus in the morning, instead of having to hire someone, which I had done in the past. I also needed to be able to get Nate off the bus, when his father could not.

Although I had been praying, I still chose to look for a job, knowing that it wouldn’t allow me to care for Nate. I was fearful of waiting, not believing my need would be answered, as I quickly looked for a job any where in the city.

Yet, after speaking to my friend, I decided to let it go and trust that God had the perfect job for me.  Soon after, I was interviewed by a school district that was in a nearby county. There were a few elementary schools in the district, yet the one I was considered for was an answer to my prayers. The school was five minutes from my house, which allowed me time to place Nate on the bus in the morning, then making it to work on time.  Also, dismissal was at a time, that I could get home to take Nate off the school bus.

I literally cried, when I remembered my prayers and what God had done. I knew from that moment that I truly served a God that answered prayers.

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