Learning to Trust Childcare Providers With My Child Lessons I Learned Raising A Child With Special Needs

Learning to Trust Childcare Providers for My Child - Lessons I learned Raising a child with special needs - CharleneBullard.com FaithtoraiseNate.com Purposedrivencharlene.com
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When Nate was growing up, locating childcare was a major concern for me. The problem was that I did not trust many people to care for my child. There was the thought that since Nate was intellectually disabled and could not communicate, that someone would take advantage of him and I would never be aware. And the thought of someone hurting my child, gave me nightmares.

So, to keep my sanity, in Nate’s early years, childcare was limited to close family and friends. Our circle of people were the only ones that I felt comfortable with and trusted with caring for my son.

As the years moved on and Nate grew older, and the dynamics of our life and our childcare providers changed, they were no longer able to provide care for Nate. So, I was now left to look for childcare elsewhere.

I will admit, it was difficult in the beginning. I didn’t want to look for anyone else. I was frightened as I thought about the mistreatment of children or the elderly in settings where people were entrusted to care for them.  Also, over the years I had seen a number of programs, undercover or special reports, which showed, people who were entrusted with caring for a baby, toddler, or senior citizen, mistreated them.  Those videos made me cringe, as I made the declaration that “NO one will ever do that to my child.”

So, to avoid having someone to care Nate, and the possibility of someone hurting him, I decided to make it work without help.  Nate’s father and I adjusted our work schedule.  He worked at night and I would work in the day.  Yet, after trying to bypass looking for help, I realized that it was taxing on both of us. We had to locate a childcare provider.

In my tears as I prayed for the right person to care for Nate, I knew that I needed to stop worrying. I had to trust God to bring the right person for Nate. Over the years, as I trusted God, there were a few people that provided Nate with care. Some were good and some were not so good. However, in the midst of this, I learned that when I trusted in God, He would give me give me wisdom and help me to choose the person that was best for Nate and I didn’t have to fear.


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