Learning to Forgive Yourself

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Forgive Yourself!

There have been many mistakes that I have made in my life. Through the years I have allowed those mistakes to hover over me, like a strong black storm cloud, spewing hail on my delicate head.

Inside those storms were the mistakes of my past.  It was the horrible childhood decisions that I made that affected me into my adulthood. There were the friendships and relationships that caused me pain and I regretted. It was the unwise financial decisions that cost me time and money. Lastly, it was the mistakes I believed I made raising my son.  And the list can go on and on and on……

At one point in my life, some of my mistakes depressed me. I can recall sitting back and going through my long list, wishing that I had not made those mistakes. As I would think about each one, I allowed my mind to create new scenarios of how life would have been different if I went on the right path. I would sit crying, wishing that I could undo all of my mistakes, turning back the hands of time like the Cher song.

Unfortunately, there is no “Back to the Future” car, that will take me,  with my regrets into the past, allowing me to change those mistakes. It would be lovely, but there is not.

Yet, what I am continuing to learn is that people can’t allow the mistakes of the past to control their life today. We have to stop beating ourselves up for our “not-so-good” decisions. Instead we have to resolve ourself to the fact that whatever happened…happened. And that there is nothing we can do about it! Nothing!

We have to stop being angry, stop beating ourselves up, stop allowing those decisions to dictate our life, and decide, once and for all to “FORGIVE YOURSELF!”

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      Wow! That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I listened to the video where she shared that her mother was murdered and she is forgiving. WoW! What a powerful testimony. Thank you again. 🙂

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    Margaret from soulfood101blog

    You are so true, Charlene We judge ourselves so harshly. The Bible tells us not to judge, I feel that includes judging ourselves but it is the hardest thing to not do. Those mistakes were learning experiences, people ask what did you learn? I learned to NOT do that again, for one 🙂

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      Yes, sometimes judging become condemnation and the bible tells us that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Yes, we may have done something wrong. We need to acknowledge this, forgive ourselves and move on. If we sit there in that unforgiveness state, we will be no good, especially for God to use us. 🙂 Thank you for reading and comment.

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