Learning to Stop Counting My Days, But Make Each Day Count

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I stood outside of the conference room where our meeting was being held. We were on a brief 15-minute break from a mandatory, work training session. I was relieved to be out of the room, as I stood outside of the hall, stretching my legs, and thumbing through my phone.

As I stood,  a woman cleaning the floor, walked by saying hello, as she pushed her broom along the floor.

“So, how’s your day going?” she asked, as she stopped and opened a closet door next to where I was standing. I removed my eyes from my phone and watched her place her cleaning tools inside.

I took a deep breath. “It could be better, if I wasn’t here. I can’t wait until this day and week are over.” I complained to her, with annoyance, that I had to spend a week of my summer break, being trained on a new program that our school district decided to implement.

She smiled and looked at me, as she closed the door. Her face was warm and friendly, yet her voice was critical of my complaint.

“Enjoy the time you have. Stop counting the days, but make each day count!” She smiled, then told me to have a nice day, before she walked away. I looked at her and smiled back, as that quote by the now late, great boxer Muhammad Ali, digested in my mind. Yes, I thought, the woman was correct.

It has been six years since that encounter with that woman and I still remember her, but mostly of what she said.

And I have continued to remind myself of this very quote. Especially, when I am not enjoying my day, but trying to rush it along.

I have realized that each day is an opportunity of learning, growing, and being more productive. It is a day to draw closer to God, enjoying quality time with family and friends, refining oneself in their line of work, and develop the skills needed on the way to one’s purpose and goal.  And when we appreciate the life that we were given by our creator, and use each day to be a blessing to others, we are making each day count.


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    Carla V. Gardner

    Thank you for sharing. This truly blessed me, in more ways than one. This post was right on time for me. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you in this post, because l am open and receptive; God used you to speak directly into my life and situation. You have helped me look at things differently now. Thank you.

    • 8

      Amen!! Thank you for your kind words. That is amazing, because that is my prayer, as I give this blog to God, that He will use it for His Glory, not mine. Have a blessed Day!!

  2. 9

    I really love this.
    Rudyard Lipping said in hisome poem If, ‘to make every minute worth sixty seconds of distance run’ (I can’t remember the exact wording)
    But thanks for reminding me to trust the process. To savour every moment. We all need thi’s reminder regularly because we can be so cut up with chasing things that we forget.
    Thank you.

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