Learning about People With Differences – (Part 2)

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One Sunday night, as a teenager, I sat home filled with boredom, as I flipped channels on our old, color tube television. I went from one channel to the next, looking for something to appease me.  Suddenly, I arrived at a program that I had not seen before. The show was called, “Life Goes On”, and the main character was a young boy, name Corky, who had Down Syndrome.

At the time, I was not familiar with the term Down Syndrome. Yet, as I watched with interest, it reminded me of a few children and adults that I had seen before.  They had the same facial appearance of the main character, Corky. Thinking about them and now seeing the actor on my television screen, it intrigued me.

I watched in amazement, seeing this character, interact with his parents, his sister, and friends. He attended school, went on outings, and he also had dilemmas and challenges that his family had to work through. It was amazing to me, to see them, live their life.

And although I knew that this show had a fictional storyline, I thought it was a great representation of “life”. I liked that it depicted a family that had a son that didn’t look like the “hunky” or “girl magnet” character, that was popular in the television shows of the 80’s and 90’s. It was much more realistic.


And to this day, I appreciate that show for giving me one of my first views of what it is like to raise a child with special needs.  It was no different from any other. They were just a regular and normal family, living their life.



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    I remember that show. The best was the way it depicted people who have Downs Syndrome as multifaceted human beings. Too many people have preconceived notions about developmentally disabled individuals. If one more person asks me if my brother Stephen is like the character in the movie Rain man I’ll smack them so hard their head will ring like the Liberty Bell.

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      LOL!! Ha ha ha!!! I am cracking up. I understand what you mean!!! It goes like this Do they have the kind of autism where they are “Are they smart like Rain mean?” or NO?? They thoughtless questions. Prayerfully this blog and my post are educating people!!!

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        Actually the people who irk me the most are Christians who told me that Stephen was demon possessed. Yes they really said that! However I practice restraint and didn’t lay hands on them. Then there’s other church dummies who told me that by slathering Stephen with anointing oil in a few weeks he would be “normal. ”
        As though Stephen were a defective product needing repair. Now when Stephen comes to visit me we go to the museum or movies where I won’t be subjected to stupid people.

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          I was told I needed to pray more and God heals, you just have to (gotta) pray!

          This comment has me writing a post for next week. 10 insensitivite (can’t say stupid) people have said to me about my Special Needs son. I need put the praying thing too! 😏😊

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            My Sister you are very wise and diplomatic. Me. Not so much. Lucky folks are not mind readers otherwise they’d be getting a verbal mind whupping!! LOL! I must say I did forgive the guy on my job who said Stephen was demon possessed. He is known for being too religious without the ability to recognized science or biology.

            When people say idiotic things I put myself into “What would Stephen do mode. My brother is a very loving, kind, forgiving, considerate person so I know I must tame my feelings and walk away from the conversation however you are doing best by educating. This is a great topic and I eagerly await your next post. Also I know that not everyone is ignorant and Stephen has a way of winning people over with his personality when he meets folks in person. My co-workers who have met Stephen just Loved on him and there were hugging sessions inside the museum!!

            Stephen has gone with me to my Vitamin clinic and to my neighborhood coffee bar and I’m always asked, Where’s Stephen? When is he coming back? I have to explain that Stephen does not live with me but I will bring him on my next vacation. Yes. Stephen is my Shining Star and the best part of my life!! <3

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    I loved that show. My daughter started a club at her high school to pair students with the students at the regional highly special needs kids which was housed there. She was a cheerleader and brought these kids out to their first football games. I realized how much shows like that had normalized difference for her.

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