Learning to Enjoy Each Step to Reaching My Goal

Learning to Enjoy Each Step Reaching My Goal - Faithtoraisenate.com CharleneBullard.com Purposedrivencharlene.com
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A few months ago, I found myself complaining. I was murmuring about the long and arduous journey to becoming a full-time writer/blogger.

My mind was plagued with thoughts of how my blog needed more attention. I had to post more content, to add followers, likes, comments, and views. I needed to market my blog better, and I had to decided if I should post to another blogging source to get more attention. And when it came to my book, I needed to once and for all, complete the “millionth” (Yes) edit for publishing.

As the thoughts seemed to drown me, I realized that I had to stop. I had to understand that the journey of success has a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is when we finally decide to go after our purpose, dream, or vision. Then there are the steps that it will take to get there. And these steps are just as important as the beginning and end.

After starting on the road, it is the preceding steps that nurture a person’s purpose, dream, and vision. These stages provide the growth and development that are needed. This is where a person learns from their mistakes; they stumble or fall; and get back up again and keep on going. These stages are where we all learn, what works and what doesn’t work.

And as I thought about that even more, I was reminded of the countless autobiographies and biographies, I had read or watched on television. It was there that I noticed a resounding theme from individuals that shared their road to success. They all explained how it was the steps on their way to success that helped them move closer to their goal. Without that education in those stages, they wouldn’t be successful.

And this was my wake up call for me to STOP. I was going to enjoy these steps and the many blessings of growing, on my way to reaching my goals.


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    The only pressure is the pressure we put on ourselves. Even if there are deadlines imposed by outside forces, we can choose to calmly take each step or we can be hurried, and stressed. Enjoy those steps. God is right there, holding your hand.

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    This is a great blog post. I used to be a more driven person which only resulted in me driving myself crazy. I am and will always be a writer whether I become a published author is a matter of time. Sometimes life forces you to change your priorities.

    BTW I read your article on Medium and left a comment. This is a fantastic well written piece and definitely a subject to which I can relate.

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      Thank you. I really enjoy your writing and I can see you published. I’m glad you enjoyed my article on Medium. I am trying my best to stay consistent with that.

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