Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses To Be a Better You

Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses To Be a Better You - - -
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Have you ever completed a job application or been interviewed and received these two dreaded questions?

What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?

By now we know these questions will most likely appear on an employment application or be asked by an interviewer. The majority of us try to plan ahead to have an accurate response. We make sure that we have an answer that makes our strengths and weaknesses sound awesome. For example, an answer to these questions could possibly be:

“My strength is that I am a hard worker that strives to get the job done.”

“My weakness is that I sometimes work too hard, at times not taking a break, until the task is done.”

You see how that sounds? Yes, it makes those strengths and weaknesses look good to a potential employer.

When you think of it, those questions are not that bad. We should all know our strengths and weaknesses. It is something we should take seriously. Knowing this will help us in life, saving us time and energy, as well as frustration.

Lately, I have been thinking about my strengths and weaknesses.  What am I good at and what do I need a little more work or help in doing?

As I thought about it, I truly believe my strengths are research/learning (that’s the teacher in me), ideas, and writing.  However, something that is not a strong point is planning huge events or parties. I will admit, it becomes a little overwhelming and frustrating.

I have a friend who is awesome in this area.  She can take an idea for an event, and execute it.  Her specialty is event planning and she is great at it.  She can turn an idea into a lavish affair, making it spectacular.

My blog is a great example of my strengths and weaknesses. I handle the writing aspects, posting using SEO keywords, backlinks, photos, and more. I love this. I can even install templates and plugins. However, when it comes to the more “backend” WordPress tasks, that is not my strength, which is why I have a wonderful Information Technologist, June Wilson, at JD Websolutions,who handles that.

I am aware of my limitations, and I am fine with knowing what are my strong suits and what are not.

I truly believe that we have all been given different gifts and talents. They are not the same. We will not know everything or be good at everything. There will be things that we will not perfect and we will need to contact an expert to help us, which is all right. We just need to accept it.

So, do it. Take an inventory of yourself. Locate your strengths and weaknesses. When we know what they are, it allows us to work naturally, efficiently, and effectively, accomplishing more and completing our task. - -

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    Hmmm… You have given me some good ideas. I can only do the basic WordPress stuff but I want to monetize two of my blogs. Or at least add a donate button connected to my PayPal account.
    I need expert help.

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