Keep Praying For Your Children, God Answers Prayers

Keep Praying For Your Children, God Answers Prayers - - -
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Recently, I have not been feeling great about my son’s residential facility. It is not meeting my expectations. I don’t think Nate is receiving the proper care and attention that I would like and that he deserves.

After a few meetings with his father and I to express our many concerns with management, I found myself crying, wondering what to do. Inwardly, I struggled with thoughts of allowing Nate to come home, as I worried about how I could work and care for my son.

I prayed to God, telling Him exactly how I was feeling and what I desired for my son. I wanted Nate to move into a smaller residential facility where there would be no more than four residents, not the six in his current apartment. Nate needed more help, perhaps a one-on-one to help him to acclimate to his surroundings, until he was independent. I prayed daily, begging God to change Nate’s living arrangements.

In the midst of praying, I could feel God soothe my pain, weariness, and tears.  I could hear Him tell me, as He has told me in the past, that He was going to care for Nate. I suddenly began to feel at peace as I confidently told his father, family, and friends, “I don’t know what God is doing, but He is going to do something.”

Then a few months later, there was a meeting where we told that Nate was going to move into a smaller facility. The new living arrangements would be in a house that included Nate and two other residents. This was better than I prayed. In a few weeks my son will be moving into his new residential house. Hallelujah!

I truly believe with all my soul that there is a God. No one can tell me differently. In my little lifetime, I have been a witness to the awesomeness of God.

When we pray and seek the Lord with our whole hearts, trusting Him with His will, He will do what we ask. So don’t give up. Keep praying for your children, keep praying for their life, keep taking them to the Lord.

Our God is wonderful and He answers prayers. - -



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    Wow!! We must be on the same wave length!! I’ve been having similar problems with Stephen’s Group Home. In fact I just wrote a post regarding this issue unfortunately in my case the situation has come to out and out confrontations. They are unprofessional and disrespect and I have a bad temper. Not a good confrontation. So many arguments. I must attend a meeting today at 11:00 am and I’m not looking forward to seeing his Residence managers. Maybe I’ll have some good luck soon. I need it because I’m at my breaking point.

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      I think a lot of us are going through this. I have a friend who has gone through the same thing with her son’s Residential Program. Thank God for family member (us) that can advocate for our children, brother, and family members. God Bless you in your meeting. I’m stopping to pray for you now!! 🙂

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