Keep Blogging and The Results Will Come

Keep Blogging and The Results Will Come - - -
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In December 2014, I started my blog. One of my intentions in keeping an online journal was to share my son and my life with others. Yet, along the way, I became discouraged at the task at hand.

I worried a lot. I told myself that what I was doing was stupid and no one would understand me. I believed that no one would like what I had to say, or would read my work. I also compared myself with other writers and bloggers, as my fear increased. Then sadly, within six months I stopped blogging.

During the time I was not writing or blogging, it bothered me. There was a constant thought and feeling that I needed to be writing and posting to my blog. Yet, I would not write and the feeling remained.

It was over a year, that I decided that I was tired of feeling vexed and burdened.  It was time to stop ignoring, what I knew I was called to do, which is to “Write.”

So, I wrote.

And I wrote if my writing was horrible, if it didn’t sound right, if it made me angry, and if it was grammatically ugly or incorrect. I wrote if I hated my writer’s voice, and if I had to revise it a million times.

I just wrote!

Besides writing, I also posted to my blog. I made a decision that I was going to have a blog post for certain days of the week and I did. It didn’t matter if the blog post wasn’t perfect, received no views, no likes, or no comments. I just hit the, “Publish” button.

Then suddenly, as I continued to write, and post to my blog, something happened. I began to see results. My blog traffic slowly increased. I began to receive visitors, views, likes and comments. These were great results, however there were other results from blogging that made me happier.

What made me happy was the result of knowing that someone could relate to my life of raising my son with special needs. Also, that my blog post was encouraging and inspiring others.

It was the result of meeting fellow bloggers and reading some of their amazing blog post. Also, it is the result of receiving advice from fellow writers and bloggers that has helped me grow in my knowledge of writing and blogging.

It is the result of seeing my fear of writing end and my confidence increase.

And lastly, it is the belief that I will continue to grow as a writer, if I  stay on this journey.

So, Keep Blogging…and your results will come. - -


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    carlos SP

    It is so incredible what the internet has made possible for communication and knowledge among people.
    From different parts of the world, people become aware of other realities that may be similar or antagonistic to their own circumstances.
    And so they can share their experiences and benefits, and become virtually present.
    This is the undoubtedly beneficial aspect of technology.

  2. 4

    I totally understand where you’re coming from in terms of not posting for a long time after posting. I would sometimes feel lazy enough to post or would have nothing to post at all which i would Stop writing because of it. So instead, i decided To still use it as my personal experience as well as motivation. This is a great read.!

  3. 8
    Traci Rhoades

    For the longest time, I kept hearing an internal voice telling me “trust the process.” That’s so much of what you’re saying here, and I wholeheartedly agree. We don’t know where writing will take us, or what our “success” will actually look like, but if writing becomes a part of what you do, who you are, it matters. It matters a lot.

    • 9

      I like that “trust the process!” Yes, yes, yes. I am trusting God that He will make my writing what it should be. We have to do that and not worry about the end result, just know there will be a result that will be the best, something that we could not imagine.

  4. 14

    Thanks for the encouragement. When I start to feel discouraged that my traffic isn’t where I want to be or I’m not doing this or that, I have to remind myself why I started – which was for the love of writing. Doing what you love is worth it, whether other people read and support it or not!

  5. 16

    Thank you so much for this post! It gives me hope some days I just want to though in the towel with writing… I wrote my first book with little to no support. I wrote my first blog and the same happen!!! so i gave up… it was my passion but i gave up… God spoke to me on night in my car while it was raining and he let me know he was break down and rebuilding me hints the sub title of my blog.. so DiaryTalkMe was born🙌🏾🙌🏾 And this post is just conformation for me. If I don’t get but 1 like 1 view etc then I know my purpose was served!! Everything will not always be for everybody but God will lead the ones at the appointed time!! Stay and encouraged and you too KEEP BLOGGING 😘😘😘

  6. 18

    Thanks for this blog post. I admit when I first started my writing blog it was more for fun than anything else. I never focused on Stats and to this day have not really figured out that part of WordPress. I’m happy for anyone to read my writing. I think its okay to take a break from blogging which is what I did with my writing blog earlier this year. When something is no longer fun just stop doing it. Forced writing or forced anything is not good and the quality of your writing will decrease. In my case it gave me more time to express my creativity with my Photography Blog.

    However I did not delete my writing blog. I kept it as an archive and storage. After all once you delete your blog you cannot get it back. Funny thing is that I’ve had more Followers and Subscribers since I stopped posting to my writing blog than I did when I was actually posting to it! So people will stick with you if they really believe in you and understand that life intervenes.

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I can’t do everything nor do I push myself to do things. Especially stuff that my body can no longer do. I’m not on a Mission. Nor do I plan to publish a book. Writing is a way to express myself. Not add to the nervous anxiety that I already have. When life or writing becomes frustrating it’s time to step back. I always carry a notebook with me at work and have a larger notebook by my bedside. I write down poems, stories, dreams etc…. and saved everything until during the past Thanksgiving Holidays when I actually had the chance to start adding to my writing blog. Thank goodness for Scheduled Posts! Gradually I’m scheduling posts for 2018. Also if people like it they will stay if they don’t they will turn the channel. Life and Writing should not be some sort of a competition. Why upset yourself? I’m not looking to get on the New York Times bestseller list or win a Pulitzer prize.

    My goal is to get the same excitement, happiness and joy out of writing as I did when I was a little girl and wrote/created my own book Mr. X which is somewhere in storage. But whenever I get a chance to look at my childlike efforts I smile.

  7. 19

    I can so relate to your having self doubt for so long, because that is so ME, also! I don’t have a blog or a website, but I have reached a point in what I am doing online (on Pinterest) that I am working with a team of just a few other folks. Interacting with them, as well as starting to interact in Pinterest related FB groups has really improved my self confidence, and has made all the difference in the world. Congrats to you on your great progress and beyond!

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