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Over the years, as I have taught elementary school students, one thing that some of them hate to do is, write. It is like pulling teeth. I can hear them now, as I write this….…

“I don’t want to write.”
“I don’t have anything to write about.”
“Writing is boring.”
“I hate writing.”

You can imagine my expression when I hear such a thing. I was flabbergasted! As someone who embraces writing, with a big hug, squeezes it tight and is in love with it, I was appalled and sadden that they didn’t share my sentiments.

In my attempts to help them to write, I try to sympathize with them, as I think about my moments where writing was difficult for me.

Yes, to be honest, I understand. Although I love writing, and it makes me smile (which I am doing as I write this), I have had those elementary school type moments when I don’t want to write, when writing is a bear. Those were times when I sat down with my notebook and pen and nothing spills out of me. I don’t call it “Writer’s Block”, as I choose not to “claim” such a thing exist. Yet, there are moments when I simply don’t have anything to say. It is like tapping my fingers on a desk or dragging them down one of those old dark blackboards. It is a killer.

However, I give myself the same advice that I give my students. Write! Just write and it will come. It will. I am a witness. I see it.

We just have to park our bottom in a seat. Pick up our writing utensils, whether that is your notepad and pencil or your computer. Just allow your mind to connect with your instrument and soon you will generate a piece of work that you will be proud of.

Just Write…It will Come.

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    K E Garland

    This is so true. When I taught high school, I required students to journal for ten minutes no matter what, and if they didn’t have anything to write, then they could write, “I don’t have anything to write.” Most of the time, EVERYBODY had something to write lol

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      LOL!!! I tell my students the same thing. “Write that you don’t have anything to say.” I tell them to make it fun. And as you said they then have something to write about. WE all have something to write about. 🙂

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