Just Do It! Is it That Easy?

Just Do It! Is it That Easy?
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Just Do It!

My title isn’t taken from the famous advertisement campaign from the giant and hugely popular sneaker company. It is just a thought that came into my head as I was thinking about writing.

Actually, I was sitting at my desk and I had completed a post, titled “What Is Really Stopping You From Accomplishing Your Goals?” And suddenly this question came to mind….

“Just Do it! Is it that Easy?”

That slogan makes it seem fairly simple.  That if I would, “Just Do it” that thing (whatever it is), my life would be fine.

So “Just Do It!”

Hummm….I don’t think it is that easy or simple.

I truly believe we have to fight to “Just do it!”

For some, “Just do it!” is embedded in who they are. There are people who are self-starters and self-motivators. Whether it was a learned behavior from parents, family, a mentor, or it was formed in their DNA. Some people don’t need a push, they are their own push to pursuing and accomplishing their goals. They know what they want and they set out to get it.

However, for others, “Just do it!”, is a little… or a lot more difficult. These people must work harder and go the extra mile. They must use all their strength to stop distractions, naysayers, and the thoughts that tell them that they can’t accomplish their dreams and goals. Killing the urgency to NOT go after their purpose is a severe battle for them. At any moment they can give into their feelings and walk away from what they wanted to do. They know what they want, but getting it is an inner struggle.

Yet, I do believe that we all have the ability and capacity to “Just do it!” Whether you are a self-starter and self-motivator or the person that needs to go the extra mile to carry out your goals.  When we all make the decision to “Just do it”, and start the process of going after our goals, that is when it becomes….EASY.

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