It’s Your Blog and You Can Blog About Whatever You Want!

It's Your Blog and You Can Blog About Whatever You Want! - - -
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If you are like me, you want to become a better blogger.  So you find and read articles from experienced bloggers, who have an array of knowledge to share.  You have read about starting a blog, writing great content, SEO integration, marketing, and more.  Yet, as you read, you see one thing that troubles you.  They tell you to find your specialty in the world of blogging.  Pick one topic and blog about it.  Just one!

As you read, confusion fills you, as it tells you that you can’t blog on multiple topics. You must have a niche, and perfect it, which makes you sad, as you wonder what is your niche, and how to figure it all out.

I totally understand!  This was me!

When I started my blog, my goal was to write about raising my child with special needs. This was well and good, because for me, this is simply sharing my life.  So, I wrote about  raising a child with special needs. Yet, as I sat back  with my pen in my hand or typing on my computer, I felt that there was something more. Much more! There was more I wanted to share. Yet, those experienced bloggers told me, I had to stick to my niche.

Well, sticking to my niche was difficult.  When I look at myself, I don’t feel that I am only a mother of a child with special needs. My knowledge is not limited to that one subject. I believe that I am a well-rounded and knowledgeable person, with a lot of things to say and offer.

So, question…. Am I not to share those things? Or am I to start a separate blog, on different topics, so I don’t confuse those who come to my blog?

No! No! No! I refuse.

Therefore, I decided do what makes me happy. Because the beauty of owning “my” blog is that it is all mine. Mine! Mine! Mine! And I can blog about whatever I want.

I don’t just have to blog about my son with special needs.

I can blog about being a teacher.
I can blog about God and my faith.
I can blog about relationships and love.
I can blog about family and friendships.
I can blog about my vacation.
I can blog about writing and blogging.
I can blog about a recipe.
I can blog about entertainment.
I can blog about a lesson I learned.
I can blog about politics……Then again….No!

I can blog about anything I want or feel like blogging about because…..


So, we need to stop allowing experts in the field of blogging to confine us  to a box. We should not accept their beliefs of what a blogger should do. Instead we need to remember that we are the owners of our blog and we can blog about anything we want. - -







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    This is true. You can have a variety of topics or your blog. Sometimes you might decide later on to add on a blog. That’s my reason for me keeping a writing and a photography blog. My goal is that are 2 separate and specific topics. So far. So good.

  2. 4
    Margaret from soulfood101blog

    Absolutely Charlene! It’s your blog, and you should blog about what you want. All the topics you pointed out, a la “I can blog about…..” were all blogs posts I would read. Some of the most followed blogs rarely stick to one path. They talk about all different subjects, that pertain to their life. You are honest, authentic, and type from the heart. That is what makes your blog readable. God Bless you :):)

  3. 9
    June Wilson

    To quote from a song from long ago, “It’s my party, I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would blog on many topics if you had a blog too. Na-na-na-na-na!

    Okay, well, that last line is not from the song, but my “twist” to make it applicable.

    Well done, Charlene. And you are right. You can blog on whatever you want, on as many topics as you want. Although some would argue your “niche” is then therefore a “Lifestyle Blog” 😉

    Niching is key for specific strategies when it comes to marketing funnels and ecommerce, things like that. Personal blogs should be just that… personal. With the prerogative to blog on whatever you want, whenever you want.

    It’s the very definition or origin of the word BLOG.

    WEB + LOG = BLOG (a Blog is your journal or online log on the web).

    • 10

      Funny ! As I was writing this post that song played in my head! I thought about incorporating it in this post, yet I didn’t. Thanks for making it a part of the topic. ???? thanks for the last part. I like how you so eloquently explained that a “With the prerogative to blog on whatever you want, whenever you want.” Thank you so much for reading and especially for sharing this comment. I appreciate it!

  4. 12

    Couldn’t agree with you more. There is no reason for you to put limits on yourself or your expression because “others” have suggested you shouldn’t. No person is one thing (ie a mom of a special needs child, a teacher, a student, a friend etc) why should this be any different.
    This is an extension of you and your thoughts, and that is more than 2 dimensional.

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